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The Aaglander logo is designed retroactively, reflecting the German company’s focus on producing motorized carriages with open cabins and a steering mechanism that needs to be held like reins. Its emblem is a golden shield with a triple frame and a monarch’s crown at the top, perfectly fitting the antique design. The shield features a monogram with double “A” s and a common crossbar rendered in black. Across the shield runs a wide white ribbon with the full brand name. The inscription is in an uppercase font with elegant serifs at the ends of the letters.

The golden shield with a triple frame is a classic design element that conveys a sense of tradition and heritage. The monarch’s crown at the top of the shield further enhances this sense of tradition, suggesting a brand with a rich history and a commitment to craftsmanship.

The monogram with double “A” s and a common crossbar is a unique and distinctive design element. Rendered in black, it stands out against the golden background of the shield, making the logo easily recognizable.

The wide white ribbon across the shield adds a modern touch to the traditional design. It provides a clear space for the full brand name, ensuring it is easily readable. Using an uppercase font with elegant serifs at the ends of the letters adds a touch of elegance to the design, aligning with the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Aaglander: Brand overview

Aagland-Manufaktur represents a unique corner of the automotive industry. Established in 2004 by founder Roland Belz, this German company finds its home within the historical walls of Kühlenfels Castle. They’ve created a niche for themselves, crafting distinctively styled, horseless carriages.

In its initial year, 2005, Aagland-Manufaktur introduced its premiere model, the Duc. This two-seater carriage combined the aesthetics of 19th-century carriage design with the functionality of a modern three-cylinder diesel engine. Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the Duc employed what the company called “mechanical reins” to navigate.

Aagland-Manufaktur expanded its lineup with the Mylord, a four-seater variant. The Duc and the Mylord were built in limited quantities, underscoring the company’s dedication to handcrafted quality.

Nestled within the automotive industry, Aagland-Manufaktur has carved out a particularly narrow segment, offering diesel-powered, old-world-styled carriages that are immediately recognizable for their unique design. Every vehicle is carefully handcrafted in small batches at the company’s base in Kühlenfels Castle.

Although Aagland-Manufaktur might not possess the widespread recognition that major automakers enjoy, it offers something special for a select group of customers. These individuals are drawn to the company’s unique offerings – modern yet creatively reimagined versions of 19th-century carriages. From the mid-2000s to the present, the company has continued catering to this small but loyal clientele.

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