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The Baojun logo is characterized by an artful ambiguity manifested in its inscription and emblem. At first glance, the logo appears as a futuristic symbol in the shape of a diamond. Yet, a closer look reveals a hidden figure of a horse’s head, encapsulated within two unconventional figures: two three-dimensional trapezoids. The larger trapezoid is notably adorned with a spike pointing upward.

The manufacturer’s name is presented in capital letters. These glyphs lack serifs and certain basic elements, giving them an unfinished look. The exception is the ‘O’, which maintains a classic, round shape. The stylized depiction of the horse is coated in a sleek silver hue, lending a modern and refined touch to the design.

Each element of the Baojun logo carries a deeper significance that encapsulates the essence of the brand’s identity. The horse, known for its power, speed, and freedom, reflects its commitment to delivering high-performance vehicles that offer users a sense of liberation and control. The futuristic design signifies the company’s innovation-forward approach, underscoring its continual investment in cutting-edge technology to shape the future of mobility.

The three-dimensional trapezoids housing the horse’s head signify stability and solidity, resonating with the brand’s assurance of reliable and robust vehicles. The upward-pointing spike represents the brand’s aspiration for continual progress and reaching new heights in the automotive industry.

Regarding typography, the uppercase letters suggest a sense of authority and strength consistent with the brand’s positioning in the market. The letters’ unfinished look aligns with the concept of ‘leaving something to the imagination,’ further reinforcing the element of intrigue that permeates the logo design.

The use of a silver color palette for the horse is visually striking and symbolic. Silver is associated with sophistication, modernity, and high technology, integral to the Baojun brand ethos.

Baojun: Brand overview

Founder:General Motors and SAIC Motor, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile
Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
Baojun, a car brand known for its affordability, was born in 2010 through a partnership between General Motors and SAIC Motor in China, forming the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture. The brand embarked on its journey with the launch of the Baojun 630 sedan in 2011, focusing on creating basic, cost-effective vehicles catering primarily to the smaller cities in China.

The brand’s portfolio quickly expanded to include hatchbacks, microvans, and MPVs, catering to the escalating demand for inexpensive cars in the Chinese market. In a major development in 2018, Baojun introduced its first electric vehicles, the E100 and E200, with the backing of General Motors.

The combination of General Motors’ manufacturing prowess and SAIC’s local expertise in the Chinese market has facilitated Baojun’s rapid growth over the past decade. As of 2020, more than 5 million Baojun vehicles had found owners, establishing the brand as one of China’s top sellers.

By serving smaller and emergent vehicle segments beyond the big city centers, Baojun has enabled General Motors and SAIC to secure a strong position in these markets. With the continuing expansion of the Chinese market, Baojun’s line-up of cost-effective vehicles is seen as a stepping stone for Chinese consumers seeking their first car ownership experience.

Meaning and History

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