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Cyber-Florist: Brand overview

Founded: 2000s
Virginia, United States
Nestled in Virginia, Cyber-Florist emerged in the early 2000s, tapping into the burgeoning e-commerce sector and the evergreen demand for online floral delivery services. Initially, the company might have honed in on delivering flowers within the U.S., harnessing the power of the web and phone-based services for easy ordering.

With time, Cyber-Florist’s operations evolved. They expanded their horizons beyond the borders of their homeland, setting up a network across the nation. This allowed them to promise same-day deliveries by forging robust ties with local florists dotted in different cities. But flowers weren’t their sole offering for long. Diversifying their product line, they began curating gift bundles ranging from delectable chocolates and cuddly teddy bears to assorted gift baskets, making them a popular choice for festive occasions.

As the years advanced, their ambitions grew global. Harnessing cutting-edge tech solutions and fine-tuning their logistics, they managed to facilitate floral and gift deliveries spanning over 100 countries. Throughout this journey, several milestones were crossed — the birth of their website, the establishment of distribution hubs, the creation of intricate floral procurement systems, and the expansion of their team with logistic specialists and customer care representatives.

Now, after a journey spanning more than a decade and a half, Cyber-Florist is a testament to digital innovation, serving domestic and international customers from their Virginia base.

Meaning and History

Cyber-Florist Logo History

What is Cyber-Florist?

Cyber-Florist, headquartered in Virginia, USA, delivers flowers and gifts internationally, turning each package into a unique and unforgettable experience that accurately reflects the sender’s feelings and creates unforgettable memories for the recipients. The company works to add a touch of pleasure to every recipient’s day, ensuring that each order leaves a lasting, treasured memory.

Cyber-Florist color codes

Rich Maroon Hex color: #c70065
RGB: 199 0 101
CMYK: 0 100 49 22
Pantone: PMS Rubine Red C
Kelly Green Hex color: #63b800
RGB: 99 184 0
CMYK: 46 0 100 28
Pantone: PMS 802 C