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 is a site of thousands of opportunities created especially for you by a team of seven people: Sergey, Vladimir, Alba, Anna. You can contact us with any questions by sending a message through the contact form. And there can be really a lot of reasons because our resource is a real engine for an exciting hobby and serious business.

On the site you will find complete information about the history of the logos of your favorite teams, fashion houses, famous brands, athletes, music groups, product lines, computer games, characters, trademarks of all time. To do this, we studied many sources in different languages, delved into the history of heraldry, studied materials on the meanings of emblems, and got acquainted with a variety of fonts. In general, we tried to make the site not only interesting, but also useful.

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If you are an avid collector of thematic symbols, we will help to accumulate a unique collection. At you will find extensive information on most brand names. Here you can find graphic logos in different formats, which are sorted for convenience in a specific order. And if something is missing or something is very interested, please contact us. We will promptly publish what you are looking for.