celtic symbols Logos and Brands

The Celts were a group of people who lived a long time ago in Europe. They lived in small villages and farmed the land. They loved nature and believed in the power of the sun, rain, thunder, and lightning. They showed their love and respect for nature through special symbols, which they used to represent important things like the weather, which was very important for their farming.

Long before the Romans came along, the Celts had their own way of life. But it was after the Romans arrived that we got to see more of the Celtic symbols we know today. Before that, the Celts didn’t write things down or make a lot of symbols over and over. Some of their art and symbols did exist, but we don’t have a lot of it left to see today.

Nowadays, you can still see Celtic symbols in places like Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and part of France. People use these symbols in tattoos, on religious items, and even in logos. These symbols are special because they make people feel connected to a place and its stories, especially in Scotland and Ireland. It’s not just about history or where your family comes from. It’s about sharing a story that everyone knows and loves.