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Softness, care, and the ability to condescend to the smaller brothers demonstrate the Petco logo. In the store, pets are treated with the utmost care, and the whole range of issues related to the maintenance of animals is resolved. The emblem attracts accessibility and tranquility.

Petco: Brand overview

Founder:Walter Evans
San Diego, California, US

Petco is an American pet store with specialized pet services. He specializes in selling pet food, pet supplies, and pet care. The chain also sells hamsters, reptiles, small birds, aquarium fish, guinea pigs, and other small fauna. The company owns real and virtual stores, which total over 1,500 units. They are located in the United States and Mexico. In addition, the firm runs the 85-point Unleashed by Petco brand, shears, and trains dogs. The trademark appeared in 1965. Its corporate offices are concentrated in two cities: San Diego and San Antonio, California. The firm is now jointly owned by the CPP Investment Board and CVC Capital Partners, each holding 50% of the shares.

The initial task of the company was to sell veterinary drugs. But the business was so successful that she had to open new offices and expand. By the end of the 20th century, it attracted the attention of major players in the business market: in 2000, it was bought by TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners, who acquired it.

In addition, Petco is active in animal charity and operates two major veterinary centers. The brand has partnered with thousands of animal welfare groups. In this, he sees his main mission.

Meaning and History

Petco Logo History

The shops and offices of the company and its centers are easily recognizable by the thematic logo. Above the entrance are a blue cat and a red dog, sitting next to each other. Over the years, the network has changed seven logos.

1965 – 1974

At first, a standard sign was used. The firm operated as Upco Ranch & Kennel Supply, focusing on the veterinary segment. She sold pet food of all kinds and treated them. With the introduction of pet care products and various accessories for them, Petco spun off and formed its brand.

1974 – 1979

Upco Animal Supplies Logo 1974

After the rebranding, the firm became Upco Animal Supplies, delving deeper into the active support of pets at all levels. As an emblem, she chose a simple inscription consisting of her name. The text on the sign formed two lines. At the top was the word “UPCO.” It took up the entire row and was large, bold, and sans serif. Smooth letters were located at an optimal distance from each other, so they did not touch and read well. At the bottom was the rest of the title: Animal Supplies Unlimited. The words were executed in capital letters and corresponded to the general style – strict, businesslike, minimalistic. All elements were placed on a wide gray rectangle.

1979 – 1989

Petco Logo 1979

Following the establishment of the Petco brand, the company undertook another rebranding with a redesign of the logo. Moreover, the sign of visual identity has changed dramatically. It featured three animal figures that the firm focused on. She offered products for cats, dogs, and horses. Now the signboard has become multi-structured: it had not only a text part but also a graphic one. Behind the word “Petco,” executed in large letters of different sizes, were a horse (left) and a dog (right). Together they looked to the center where the cat was located. The images were in different styles: the artists painted the horse realistically, and the cat and the dog – as for a cartoon.

The smallest was the letter “E.” At the same time, it connected with “P” and looked like its continuation. “O” had an elongated shape, so it resembled an oval. The “C” was also small. In addition, the developers made it wide so that it looks like a horseshoe. An explanatory inscription appeared under the name of the pet store: “Animal Supply Super Markets.” It was typed in smooth uppercase letters.

1989 – 1991

Petco Logo 1989

After the veterinary network stopped serving large livestock (particularly horses), the brand changed its emblem. She not only received an update but was concretized: there were still a cat and a dog sitting next to it. The contour animals looked at the onlookers, so they looked very cute. The writing style of the word “Petco” has also changed: the letters have become equally large and bold. The resemblance of “C” to a horseshoe has disappeared. Serifs have been removed.

1991 – 2011

Petco Logo 1991

For the next ten years, the veterinarian brand used a colored logo. It consisted of friendlier animals and, if I may say so, the designers changed their breeds. The dog already resembled a simple mongrel, of which there are many, and the cat – an ordinary mongrel and was not as “well-fed” as before. The drawing style has also changed: it has become closer to animation, with life-affirming notes – cheerful and positive. The dog’s ears were ridiculously raised up, and the cat’s whiskers diverged in different directions in parallel straight lines.

The animals were drawn in black contour lines and sat at the end of the brand name, with an ‘O’ in the background. The letters were evenly enlarged and the same size. Moreover, they looked like inflated balloons, which is typical of cartoon design. At the bottom was an inscription in a strict serif type with minimal letter spacing. It was a call to action – this is how the company expressed its concept.

2011 – 2020

In 2011, the emblem underwent an update again: a different font was used, and the image of the cat and dog was corrected. As a result, the symbols have become clearer, stricter, and smoother. The curvatures at the ends have disappeared – instead, there are smooth cuts. The letters have been converted to lower case.

This variant was developed with input from agency partner Lippincott (who created the logo type). Still, Petco’s in-house creative team, led by VP James Blanton, in charge of brand and creative from 2010 to 2015 at the company, developed a newer streamlined RUFF and MEWS icon ( dog and cat).

2020 – today

Petco Logo

The modern logo is the most minimalistic of them all. This is due to a change in the specification of the network of pet stores because the service sector includes the grooming and training of animals. Charitable activities, caring for pets, and their distribution to homes have also intensified. The contingent of those to whom food and goods are intended has also changed: now there are not only cats and dogs, but also reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, rats, and other small animals that brighten up human life. Therefore, only one inscription remained on the logo – the name.

Font and Colors

Petco Emblem

The evolution of the identity of this veterinary trade network progressed in leaps and bounds – from simple content to complex. It was an unremarkable text of an informational and advertising nature in early versions. It was placed on a sign above the entrance to the building. Then there was a drawing in the form of pets. For the current version, the designers again chose only the inscription. They used the name of the stores from the previous version, enlarged it, dyed it blue, and slightly corrected the letters. But consumers were unhappy with the disappearance of the two cute pets.

Petco Symbol

The Petco emblems use the Amatic and Gotham family typefaces. The official palette is not very diverse. Early versions were black and white. The colors appeared later when the transition to the image of a red dog and a blue cat was realized.

Petco color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#001952
RGB:0 25 82
CMYK:100 70 0 68
Pantone:PMS 2758 C