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The Hampton Inn logo is a respectable symbol that reflects the atmosphere of the hotel complex. On the one hand, it conveys its universality; on the other hand, it underscores a relaxed atmosphere. In this, it is aided by simple lines, geometric shapes, and a clear structure, so the emblem looks like a chevron.

Hampton Inn: Brand overview

Founder:Promus Hotel Corporation
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Hampton Inn is the old name of the American budget hotel chain Hampton by Hilton. It is one of the largest hotel franchises in the United States, with moderate prices and a limited range of products. The first hotel appeared in 1984 in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, and was a 2-story building with 128 rooms. Now it has grown into a large-scale structure that covers 30 countries worldwide and offers about 270,000 rooms. Promus Hotel Corporation founded it.

Meaning and History

Hampton by Hilton Logo History

The hotels appeared under the name Hampton Inn (or more precisely, Hampton Inn & Suites), which is occasionally used now. At present, the hotel complex is called Hampton by Hilton. Each of the names had a significant impact on the network’s visual identity because they are present in its logos.

The text signs have a presentable appearance and look like staff name badges. Moreover, the “badges” have clear inscriptions and a minimum of decorative elements, thereby emphasizing the budget nature of the hotels. That is, the emblems directly tell customers that there are no frills here – only everything necessary within reasonable limits, which is how the moderate pricing policy is achieved.

What is Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn is the largest hotel operator in the U.S. It has been around since 1984, starting with a single building and gradually transforming into a large international network. The budget hotels operate on a franchise model, keeping prices below average due to limited services and a small selection of food and beverages. The Promus Hotel Corporation founded the brand.


Hampton Inn Logo 1984

The Hampton Inn logo features the name of the hotel chain. It’s simple, business-like, and practical, without any designer’s frills. It’s more of a prototype of an emblem rather than a fully-fledged one. The text is set in a classic font reminiscent of Times New Roman. The first letters in both words are capitalized (“H” and “I”), and the rest are lowercase. Each has a slight rounding that makes the inscription soft and streamlined. Such an unobtrusive design inspires customer trust and expands the number of hotel guests.

1984 – 2015

Hampton Inn Logo 1984–2015

The emblem consists of a horizontal rhombus with truncated ends, which reminds of a honeycomb: it’s also a hexagon with an identical configuration. This analogy was likely made on purpose to emphasize the possibility of living in a specific environment where there are many similar rooms – cells, forming an entire hotel complex. The outer frame of the geometric figure is painted red, and the inner one – white. It separates the central blue segment with a cursive inscription, made in the style of handwritten text.

At the top is a refined composition consisting of two miniature rhombuses and two thin semicircles. Their shape is visible in the outlines of some letters: for example, semicircles are present in “H,” “I,” and both “n.” Meanwhile, the cartouche adds an Eastern sophistication to the logo. The background is a pleasant dark blue color.

2007 – today

Hampton by Hilton Logo

After the rebranding, a new Hampton Inn emblem appeared. It fully corresponds to the old one, which looks like a flattened hexagon – a rhombus with truncated vertices. The two-level inscription has a different design.

  • The top row is set in italics. The letters are lowercase (except for the initial one), calligraphic, and semi-connected, as there is a gap between “H” and “a,” “p,” and “t.” The lower part of the legs of the first and last glyph is elongated and rounded.
  • The second line consists of an inscription typed in a print font. The characters are small and thin, with minimal inter-character spacing. The word “by” is in lowercase, and “Hilton” – uppercase.

The name of the hotel chain is centered, placed on a light blue background, and enclosed in a double frame.

Fonts and Colors

Hampton Inn Emblem

Two types of fonts were chosen for the text logo: thin Canaro, which was used to type the bottom word, and semi-bold italic Frutiger, which served as the basis for the calligraphic inscription at the top. At the same time, the first line is set in a font that resembles the styles of Saber du Rhinoceros, Playball, Milkstore 01, and Krinkes Decor.

The emblem predominantly features two colors: red and blue. Depending on the year of the logo’s appearance, their shades differ. For instance, the early variant consists of blue Pantone #280 and red Pantone #207. Later on, the designers slightly lightened them. White is used as a neutral color.

Hampton Inn Symbol

Hampton Inn color codes

Pictorial CarmineHex color:#c71550
RGB:199 21 80
CMYK:0 89 60 22
Pantone:PMS 1925 C
Marian BlueHex color:#254894
RGB:37 72 148
CMYK:75 51 0 42
Pantone:PMS 7687 C