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The Holiday Inn Express logo is understated and practical. It wonderfully conveys the comfort prevalent in the hotels of this chain, their orderliness, rules, and standards. The unusual arrangement of elements signifies the company’s commitment to a strict style and attentive customer relations.

Holiday Inn Express: Brand overview

Holiday Inn Express represents mid-priced hotels for the upper class. There are more than 2,800 of them worldwide, unified in a network managed from the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, where the parent company, Holiday Inn, is located. These rooms were initially conceived as budget-friendly, offering guests only breakfast and gym services. Later, conference rooms and full-fledged fitness centers with pools, bars, and restaurants were added. The hotels also have a characteristic location: near attractions, along highways, and in scenic suburbs. The first buildings of this chain appeared in 1990 in Poughkeepsie (New York), Abilene (Texas), and Nashville (Tennessee).

Holiday Inn Express was founded in 1990 as a subsidiary of the renowned InterContinental Hotels Group. This new brand was conceived as an economical alternative offering fewer services than a traditional Holiday Inn. Over the decades, this approach has gained considerable popularity. By 2019, the brand had made impressive strides, opening more than 2,800 hotels worldwide. This vast network includes 292,000 rooms.

Targeting customers such as business travelers or those visiting for short stays, the brand focuses on providing basic services without unnecessary frills. Guests at these hotels can expect complimentary breakfast, reliable internet access, and a gym. In terms of location, the strategy was clear: locate hotels in suburban areas and near major highways, avoiding bustling urban centers.

The brand’s influence was not limited to its rapid spread. Originally known to a global audience as “Express by Holiday Inn,” it was rebranded in 2006 and consolidated under the name Holiday Inn Express. The brand was more than just a name; it was the originator of the concept of “focused service,” a trend that has since spread throughout the hotel industry. Today, the legacy of Holiday Inn Express is evident. As a dominant force in the mid-scale hotel sector, it serves as a testament to the importance of offering consistent, quality accommodation options at an affordable price for a diverse range of travelers.

Meaning and History

Holiday Inn Express Logo History

Despite initially being oriented towards limited service and budget prices, these hotels belong to the high class, competing with Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Hampton by Hilton, and Comfort Inn/Comfort Suites. Naturally, the visual identity of the hotel chain also matches its level, presenting a stylish sign that attracts customers’ attention. It instills confidence in comfort without pushy service and unnecessary expenses, allowing guests to save on accommodation.

The inscription is mainly featured on signs along highways, in picturesque suburban areas, and near attractions where the hotels are usually located. The logo invites travelers to rest in good condition with a hot breakfast. The salute in the emblem, known as the Great Sign, comes from the parent company’s identity and underscores their direct connection, reflecting inner dynamism. The little star conveys an atmosphere of happiness and dreams.

What is Holiday Inn Express?

Holiday Inn Express is an American chain with more than 2,800 hotels. It started with three establishments in Poughkeepsie, Abilene, and Nashville, which opened in 1990. Their concept was to provide comfortable, albeit limited, service for high-class representatives to bring economic benefit to customers. The parent company of the chain is Holiday Inn, with the current owner being InterContinental Hotels Group.

1990 – 2002

Holiday Inn Express Logo 1990

The emblem of Holiday Inn Express features the brand name, divided into two levels. In the top row are the first two words. They are set in an italic, semi-connected font with a leftward, not rightward, slant. There are two capital letters: “H” and “I,” with an interesting design formed from semi-bold lines. The bottom line is occupied by the third word of the brand name, executed in strict geometric glyphs with miniature serifs. In this case, all characters are spaced a short distance from each other. Under the single inscription “Express” runs a center-aligned underlining stripe. Above the phrase “Holiday Inn,” an improvised salute is drawn, consisting of short red and orange strokes.

2002 – 2007

Holiday Inn Express Logo 2002

The logo is now much simpler, dominated by minimalism, positively affecting the visual perception of the sign. To achieve this effect, designers removed the limit (bottom line), increased the font size in the second line, and removed the red color from the salute. As a result, the emblem became more expressive and less aggressive. The dark blue inscription turned light blue.

2007 – 2018

Holiday Inn Express Logo 2007

The modification radically changed both the structure and image of the Holiday Inn Express logo, turning it into a stylish sign of two parts. In the first square, painted in a green gradient, is a large “H” made of three white stripes of varying lengths. Under the letter is a gray shadow with a silvery shine. To the right is a blue square with the full name of the hotel chain. The inscription still occupies two rows, but it’s set in a different font – rounded, soft, with a predominance of smooth curves.

2018 – today

Holiday Inn Express Logo

The new version of the emblem is identical to the old one: it’s just two-dimensional for better display on electronic device screens. For this, designers removed the silvery shadow and gradient. They also returned it to a dark blue color and smooth graphics, as white inscriptions maintain maximum clarity on any information medium.

Font and Colors

Holiday Inn Express Symbol

The text in the Holiday Inn Express logo is set in a humanist sans-serif font, reminiscent of Anago Bold Italic by Neil Summerour. It also resembles the Fonia Italic typeface with rounded letters.

The color palette is simple but vividly expressed. Such a combination of white and blue evokes feelings of reliability, prospects, stability, and professionalism. Moreover, the light inscription on a dark background appears maximally distinct.

Holiday Inn Express Emblem

Holiday Inn Express color codes

Delft BlueHex color:#233567
RGB:35 53 103
CMYK:66 49 0 60
Pantone:PMS 654 C