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CumLouder Logo


CumLouder Logo
CumLouder Logo PNG

CumLouder is a Spanish adult film studio that rivals PornHub. Its network includes 25 sites that distribute specific content around the world.

Meaning and History

CumLouder Logo History
Evolution of the CumLouder Logo

Modifications to the brand’s visual identity have come a short way, and the changes to the logo have been minor. They were mainly concerned with the play of color, changing textures and typefaces, while the original structure has always remained constant.

Old Logo

CumLouder Logo Old

The CumLouder logo is simple lettering made up of hand-drawn characters. Although all letters are capitalized, “C” and “L” are higher than “U,” “M,” “O,” “U,” “D,” “E,” and “R.” Another interesting feature is the custom font. It is elongated vertically and devoid of sharp corners.

The design of the emblem is no less remarkable. The name of the studio is divided into two fragments using different colors. The first part of the word (“Cum”) is orange or blue, the second (“Louder”) is white and gray. To make the lettering catch the eye, the designers used a smooth gradient: the bottom is dark, and the top is lighter.

For maximum effect, the developers “aged” the logo by covering the inscription with numerous dots. They also made the edges uneven, which makes it immediately obvious that the letters are drawn.

New Logo

CumLouder Logo New

In the current version, the designers have relied on simplicity. They removed black dots and roughness from the letters, aligned them in height, and made them smooth. Therefore, now all the edges are intact, and the symbols are even. The inscription is made in uppercase font, without highlighting individual characters. The name still has two stems linked together – “cum” and “louder.” The first part is colored orange and the second black. The developers removed the gray color.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

CumLouder Emblem

The logo is designed in a neutral style. The first option is rougher due to the “perforated” and the rough texture of the letters. The second, on the contrary, is strict and businesslike. At the same time, there are many similarities between them: the division of the name into two parts, the isolation of each of them in color, the absence of serifs, the arrangement in one line horizontally. The development of the emblem for the adult films brand moved from complex to simple so that the logo was perceived as easier and easier to read.

The developers have chosen a typeface from the Sans Serif category. It does not visually overload the inscription: the letters are crisp, clear, simple, with a minimum inter-character distance. The color scheme moves from the emblem to the emblem: despite the change in style, orange and black on a white background remain. But the designers removed the gray color from the modern version.