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The adult content studio CumLouder has opted for a serious logo, signaling its intention to compete with more popular rivals. The simple style of its branding is linked to the desire to veil and easily adapt the emblem to all information carriers without arousing suspicion.

CumLouder: Brand overview

CumLouder is a Spanish adult film studio competing with PornHub. Its network includes 25 sites distributing specific content worldwide.

Meaning and History

CumLouder Logo History

Modifications in the brand’s visual identity have come a long way, with only minor changes to the logo. Mainly, they involved color play and changes in textures and fonts, while the original structure always remained unchanged.

What is CumLouder?

CumLouder is a site specializing in adult content. It has an international audience but is particularly popular in Spain and Latin America. The studio often uses a humorous approach in its mature audience videos.

Old Logo

CumLouder Logo Old

The CumLouder logo is a simple inscription consisting of hand-drawn symbols. Although all letters are uppercase, “C” and “L” are taller than “U,” “M,” “O,” “U,” “D,” “E,” and “R.” Another interesting feature is the custom font. It’s elongated vertically and lacks sharp corners.

Equally notable is the emblem design. The studio’s name is divided into two segments using different colors. The first part of the word (“Cum”) is orange or blue, and the second (“Louder”) is white-grey. To make the inscription eye-catching, designers used a smooth gradient: the bottom is darker, and the top is lighter.

To achieve maximum effect, the designers “aged” the logo, covering the inscription with numerous dots. Moreover, they made the edges uneven, instantly conveying that the letters were drawn.

New Logo

CumLouder Logo New

In the current version, designers have opted for simplicity. They removed the black dots and roughness from the letters, aligned them in height, and made them smooth. Thus, now all edges are intact, and the symbols are even. The inscription is in lowercase without emphasizing individual characters. The name still contains two connected bases – “cum” and “louder.” The first part is painted orange, and the second is black. Designers have removed the grey color.

Font and Colors

CumLouder Emblem

The logo is executed in a neutral style. The first version is more rugged due to the “perforation” and rough texture of the letters. The second, in contrast, is strict and business-like. At the same time, they have much in common:

  • The division of the name into two parts
  • The color highlighting of each
  • The absence of serifs
  • The horizontal arrangement in one line

In developing the logo for the “Adult Cinema” brand, they transitioned from complex to simple, so the logo is perceived as more straightforward and easily readable.

The designers chose a font from the sans-serif category. It does not visually overload the inscription: the letters are clear, distinct, and simple, with minimal spacing between them. The color palette transitions from emblem to emblem: despite the style change, orange and black colors on a white background remain. However, designers removed the grey color from the modern version.

CumLouder color codes

Dark OrangeHex color:#ff7e00
RGB:255 126 0
CMYK:0 51 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C