XNXX: Brand overview

Founder:WGCZ Holding
Prague, Czech Republic
Launched in 1997 by the Prague-based internet entity WGCZ Holding, XNXX emerged as a platform offering complimentary hosting for adult visuals. As the dawn of the new millennium approached, the website transformed into one of the pioneering adult tube sites, providing a space for individuals to disseminate pornographic videos.

XNXX’s trajectory mirrored technological advancements; with increased internet speeds and broader bandwidth, the platform flourished, burgeoning its video repository with content from its vast user base. This upward trend caught the attention of adult entertainment mogul VivThomas, leading to XNXX’s acquisition in 2006. Under this new aegis, the platform underwent considerable enhancements, introducing functionalities like categorized browsing, user comments, and video playlists.

By the time the calendar turned to 2010, XNXX had etched its name among the upper echelons of free adult websites, clocking in a staggering 10 million daily visitors. The allure was predominantly its vast reservoir of homegrown and amateur video content.

In today’s digital landscape, XNXX is a titan in complementary adult content, boasting a library exceeding 4 million videos. Beyond its vast archive, the platform remains committed to nurturing a sense of community, evidenced by its active forums and feedback channels.

Yet, like many behemoths, XNXX has had its share of detractors. Concerns have arisen around content authenticity, copyright infringements, and problematic uploads. Nevertheless, its unparalleled content volume ensures a steady influx of users. Historically, XNXX’s impact is undeniable, steering the adult content industry towards the tube site blueprint during the internet’s nascent stages.

Meaning and History

XNXX Logo History

1997 – 2002

XNXX Logo 1997

2002 – 2003

XNXX Logo 2002

2003 – 2004

XNXX Logo 2003

2004 – 2005

XNXX Logo 2004

2005 – today


XNXX color codes

Picton BlueHex color:#00a8ff
RGB:0 168 255
CMYK:100 34 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2925 C