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Eporner: Brand overview

Florida, United States
Established in 2008, Eporner, based out of Florida, USA, provides a platform for adult video sharing and streaming. The site was conceptualized as a counter to mainstream adult websites, accentuating user-contributed amateur materials.

In the beginning, Eporner grappled with backlash due to instances of non-consensual content on its platform. However, the company took measures to enhance its content moderation mechanisms. By 2012, its repository had burgeoned to encompass over a million videos, drawing in 50 million monthly users. A mix of affiliate marketing and advertising avenues propelled this growth.

Eporner integrated 4K and Virtual Reality porn functionalities to differentiate itself amidst fierce competition in 2016. The platform further diversified by offering specialty categories, yet it remained steadfast in supporting amateur content contributions.

Fast forward to 2020, Eporner announced a colossal collection of approximately 5 million videos, with 200,000 of them being amateur contributions and a staggering 80 million monthly visitors. Nonetheless, Eporner hasn’t been without its challenges. The platform encountered reproach for alleged copyright breaches and unauthorized content distribution. In response, the company underscored the accountability of its users in such instances.

In its current form, Eporner is a predominant, advertisement-backed streaming service championing high-resolution and VR adult content. Over the years, it has firmly planted its roots as a major player in the adult entertainment landscape.

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