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Fansly: Brand overview

Founder:Select Media LLC
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Established in 2020, Fansly arose as an initiative of Select Media LLC in Baltimore, Maryland. The brainchild of a team of web developers and experts in the industry, Fansly’s inception aimed to offer a robust alternative to the reigning platform OnlyFans, for digital creators and influencers.

As a new player in subscription-driven platforms, Fansly has positioned itself uniquely by conceding OnlyFans a more competitive platform fee, receiving just 10% compared to the latter’s 20%. Additionally, they promised a more lenient approach to content guidelines.

While 2020 did see a budding interest from adult content creators looking for viable OnlyFans substitutes, it was 2021 that truly marked Fansly’s ascendancy. Triggered by a shift in OnlyFans’ stance on adult content, many creators sought refuge on Fansly, fueling its expansion.

In 2022, Fansly’s user base had swelled to an impressive 13 million, establishing it as a formidable contender, even if OnlyFans retained the lion’s market share. Fansly’s revenue streams are predominantly anchored in monthly subscriber fees, supplemented by tips and promotional activities.

With an infusion of over $6 million in investment funds to bolster its growth, Fansly’s trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric in its initial years. Despite its rapid rise, the true test lies in Fansly’s ability to sustain this momentum, especially in the face of an entrenched competitor like OnlyFans. Only time will reveal if Fansly can cement its foothold in this dynamic digital landscape.

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