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Twistys: Brand overview

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
In 2001, within the bustling city of Montreal, Canada, Twistys emerged as a subsidiary of the MindGeek pornographic conglomerate. Its primary focus was softcore content, establishing a distinct brand identity in adult entertainment.

Twistys quickly carved a niche for itself in the early years of the millennium. It was celebrated for presenting exquisite models in lavish settings, backed by high-resolution photographs and videos—a novelty in an era where the softcore genre largely leaned on still imagery.

Recognizing a potential niche in the explicit segment, the brand decided to venture into more intense content by introducing TwistysHard in 2009. This platform treated enthusiasts to a blend of familiar models and high-definition explicit sequences.

As time unfolded, Twistys innovatively branched out, tapping into genres like lesbian portrayals, self-intimacy, and European-themed content while retaining its signature posh aesthetics. The brand’s expansion wasn’t limited to its online presence alone; it broadened its horizons with initiatives like a dedicated magazine, an annual award gala, and a range of branded merchandise.

Fast forward to today, and Twistys is recognized as a titan in glamorous adult content. Boasting an impressive archive of over 48,000 exclusive scenes, the brand remains a beacon of elegance, setting industry standards in soft and hardcore domains.

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