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The Alpine Electronics logo sounds like music. The emblem embodies trips on high-speed highways, during which users will be delighted by melodies. The sign seems to say: “With our technology, you will travel many roads.”

Alpine Electronics: Brand overview

Founded:10 May 1967
Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Alpine Electronics is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in navigation and audio systems for cars. About 80% of the brand’s products are sold to other manufacturers (Honda, Dodge, Jaguar, BMW, Maybach, and many others). It started as a joint project with the American corporation Motorola in 1967. Alps Electric has fully owned it since 1978.

Meaning and History

Alpine Electronics Logo History

The company logo is as constant as the direction of the company’s activities. Many messages and meanings are encrypted in the symbols, which is quite consistent with the depth of the Japanese mentality and cultural peculiarities. The emblem considers numerology, religion, company values, and even connections with parent corporations. The sign demonstrates gradual development and harmony. Therefore, studying and contemplating Alpine’s visual identity brings pleasure.

What is Alpine Electronics?

A Japanese electronics corporation for cars headquartered in Iwaki with facilities in South America, Asia, and Hungary. Number one in the world of car audio. Among their developments: are the ILX-107 receiver, the NVE-N872A satellite-linked navigation system, the iDA-x001 music station, the Dolby Digital EX audio system, and the IVA-W205R navigation station.

1978 – today

The company logo is a combination of graphic elements and letters that smoothly flow into each other. Five blue lines slant to the right, followed by an unusual letter A, consisting of the sixth slanted element and a straight glyph. The other letters of the word follow the A and are placed straight.

  • The stripes symbolize high-speed highways since the brand’s products are designed for traveling. The presence of multiple lines shows the production of products for different countries. The rightward slant speaks of moving toward the future. The unusual letter A without a central bar is like a synthesis of roads and technologies. The connection between them is smooth and sequential. Their paths intersect. Without Alpine products, the trip will not be smooth, and the brand’s products will be meaningless without cars.
  • The stripes also embody waves – the propagation of sound and the transmission of signals from satellites to navigation systems. From these waves, the word Alpine is born. It stands firm and confident, not yielding vibrations but spreading them. In this interpretation, the emblem directly points to the company’s sphere of activity.
  • The stripes also indicate expansion around the world. Starting in Japan, in 1978, the company opened an office in Germany, from where it began distributing its products to Europe and the US.
  • Each stripe symbolizes the solid principles that the corporation adheres to. It strives for perfection in development, production, marketing, service, and partner selection.
  • The lines tell about doors with electronic locks that protect the secrets of partner companies in the manufacturing process. The corporation is very scrupulous about adhering to protocols and confidentiality. The lines demonstrate maximum information protection within the company and equally thorough checks of each system before installation in a car.
  • Encrypted in the stripes are numerous brands that use the company’s products. Overall, this includes almost all famous brands: BMW, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes, Land Rover, Hyundai, Jeep, Honda, Chrysler, Jaguar, and Ford.

The number 5 in Japan is considered a lucky number and has a sacred meaning in many teachings. Five-tiered Japanese pagodas represent the five parts of the universe (water, earth, sky, sun, wind) that form the world. Therefore, the five stripes in the logo attract prosperity and well-being to the brand. They endow it with a solid foundation and testify to its harmonious development.

The name Alpine is a prototype of the connection between Japan and the Western world, as there are European and Japanese Alps. The word indicates the heights the corporation has reached in its industry.

Font and Colors

The blue color of the logo is inherited from both parent companies. The emblems of Alps Electric and Motorola are also blue. In the emblem, the color is pleasant, with a sky-blue hue, which symbolizes:

  • Air. Systems created by the brand transmit their signals through the air.
  • Sky. The corporation has gained fame and grown to great heights. It employs over 10,000 people, with revenues exceeding 300 million yen.
  • Dream. Each new brand development is the embodiment of a dream when controlling sound and navigating the terrain becomes easier, and individual gadgets interact easily with each other. The company has introduced the built-in iPod, a Bluetooth system that allows you to speak on a hands-free connection in the car, the PND-K3msn navigator, which reports traffic and weather, and so on.

The logo’s font is unique due to the transformation of the first letter.

Alpine Electronics color codes

French BlueHex color:#1a79bf
RGB:26 121 191
CMYK:86 37 0 25
Pantone:PMS Process Black C