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The logo symbols indicate a company that serves people. The Epic Systems logo provides secure storage of healthcare system patient data. The software is constantly evolving and keeping up with the times.

Epic Systems: Brand overview

The modern healthcare system utilizes the latest advances in science and technology, which greatly enhances its efficiency. The process of widespread computerization has led to the need to create special software, the development and implementation of which is engaged, in particular, the American private company Epic Systems Corporation, founded in 1979 by American billionaire Judith R. Faulkner. Its main areas of activity are information technology and medical informatics. As of 2015, Epic’s software provided convenient information storage for 54% of all dispensary patients in the United States and 2.5% of all patients worldwide.

Like any modern company, especially one specializing in modern computer technologies, Epic Systems Corporation pays the most serious attention to its image and product promotion. This is reflected in the quality of the trademark – the emblem of the company, which was developed thanks to many years of market research and taking into account the opinion of employees.

Meaning and History

Epic Systems Symbol

Being engaged in the development and production of special software, the company allows the creation, maintenance, and storage of medical records of patients in electronic form, which allows to refuse labor-intensive maintenance of paper documents and the need to use large areas for archives. This simplifies the work of medical workers and minimizes costs.

At the same time, the company maintains, licenses, and sells its products built on the Chronicle system. The Epic EMR application was developed with medical records management, record keeping, and related documentation in mind. It supports all the necessary functions – registration and scheduling of visits, patient procedures, a clinic for hospitals and emergency personnel, organization and distribution for laboratories and their research, various referrals for pharmacy and radiology, systems for insurers, and more. Provision is made to link all referrals to a specific patient and their primary care physician. Cloud hosting is also supported, allowing the creation of third-party repositories.

New for 2017 is the Share Everywhere feature, which allows users to view the electronic chart online regardless of who the provider is.

The process of using the company’s software is also sure to include short-term optimization opportunities and expert advice from subsidiary Boost, Inc.

At the time of the company’s inception, the founder invested $70000, which at today’s economic rate is $2500000. The company was headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. As the company grew, it felt a direct need for more workspace. Product demand and profitability made it possible to move in 2005 to a new location near Verona, where a large campus occupied a significant amount of space. This included a building that resembled a magical castle, as if lifted from the pages of the Harry Potter books and a canteen with a similar design to the train station. In 2015, the fifth expansion of the company took place. The complex grew by five more properties, each 100,000 square feet.

As early as 2019, the company had 10,000 thousand employees. Today, Epic Systems Corporation is a network of representative offices and owns offices in several countries covering Europe, Asia, and Australia.

However, the practical experience of using the programs first in the UK and then in Denmark showed significant shortcomings of the system when loading large volumes of databases. However, the most destabilizing and extremely negative feedback about the program was the lack of adaptation to the national languages of the user countries and inconsistency with the specifics of health care systems in these countries.

The actions of the company’s management during the COVID-19 quarantine period were particularly negative. When manager Judy Faulkner told the media in an interview about the dedication of employees forced to work remotely, the company began to fight hard against it, forcing everyone to come to the offices under the threat of dismissal.

However, despite the problems, Epic Systems Corporation continues to grow rapidly. At the same time, it solves the problems of “worldwide” adaptation of its program, debugs the noticed shortcomings, and tries to maintain its commitment to its obligations, conforming to the image created earlier, which is supported by a concise and memorable logo with a heroic meaning.

Epic Systems: Interesting Facts

Epic Systems is a major player in the healthcare software industry, recognized for its advanced electronic health records (EHR) system and its role in advancing healthcare IT.

  1. Independent and Privately Owned: Founded by Judith Faulkner in 1979 in Madison, Wisconsin, Epic has grown significantly while remaining privately owned, prioritizing its independent business strategy over going public.
  2. Humble Beginnings: Starting in a basement, Judith Faulkner’s initial focus on database software evolved into Epic, a key provider of health information technology globally, serving top medical centers and hospitals.
  3. EHR Leadership: Epic leads in EHR technology, offering comprehensive digital patient care records. Its software supports various healthcare operations, including patient registration, clinical documentation for medical staff, and billing.
  4. Extensive Usage: Epic’s software supports healthcare providers of all sizes and has over 250 million patient records, illustrating the technology’s vast reach.
  5. Worldwide Presence: Epic’s software is utilized in countries beyond the U.S., such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, and some Middle Eastern nations, showing its global influence.
  6. Unique Headquarters: The company’s creative campus in Verona, Wisconsin, includes themed buildings and artistic designs, like a treehouse meeting room and a slide for quick floor transitions, reflecting Epic’s innovative culture.
  7. Promoting Data Sharing: Epic has been instrumental in advancing interoperability among EHR systems, ensuring patient data can be shared and accessed across different healthcare settings, which is vital for patient care.
  8. App Orchard: This marketplace allows third-party developers to create and sell apps compatible with Epic’s EHR, enhancing its functionality and allowing for tailored healthcare solutions.
  9. Data Analytics: Epic uses the vast data from its software to offer analytics and population health tools, aiding healthcare organizations in trend analysis, patient care improvement, and cost reduction.
  10. Dedication to Security: Epic is strongly committed to data privacy and security and employs rigorous measures to safeguard patient information, adhering to strict healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

Epic Systems has significantly influenced healthcare IT, enhancing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes worldwide with its innovative software solutions.

Font and Colors

Epic Systems Emblem

By making the first word of its full name the main and only element of its logo, the company took on the important responsibility of being effective in the heroic fight for public health. The logo that everyone knows today was adopted after considering many options submitted not only by the company’s designers but also by third-party developers through a competitive process. A strong argument in favor of adopting this particular emblem was the decision of the company’s founder and CEO, Judith R. Faulkner, who supported the creative ideas of her employees.

The design of the emblem is very simple and laconic. Nothing superfluous except for the first, most significant word in the name of the company. This word is made in a bright scarlet color, typical for symbols used in medicine. The first letter is capitalized. The rest are lowercase. The slope of the text to the right symbolizes forward motion and speed. The latter can be seen as both speed of documentation and the ability to help patients more quickly and efficiently with the help of Epic Systems Corporation software.

The text is made with the creation of visual symmetry, which is provided by the harmonious perception of the diagonal lines of the letters “E,” “p,” and “i.” All letters are connected to each other, which creates a visual perception of the text in a single integrity, symbolizing the possibility of achieving success only with the combined efforts of each employee of the company. The original design – “i,” combines a circle “p” and an unclosed circle “s.” The resulting sign is similar to the “f,” the esoteric meaning of which is the fire of life; it is the foundation. It attracts divine energies and symbolizes the unity and balance of body, spirit, and thoughts.

Epic Systems color codes

Crimson GloryHex color:#bb003a
RGB:187 0 58
CMYK:0 100 69 27
Pantone:PMS 199 C