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Manufacturedness, innovation, and progress are the main qualities that the Sony Ericsson logo symbolizes. The designers used modern graphic tools to show the company’s commitment to new trends in the cell phone market.

Sony Ericsson: Brand overview

Sony Ericsson is a now-defunct brand of button cell phones created in Japan in 2001. Five thousand employees worked on the production. The headquarters of the company was located in Tokyo. Sony Ericsson logo decorated 17 series of gadgets.

Having lost production capacity due to a fire, the Swedish firm Ericsson offered to unite with the Asian corporation Sony. Combining the latest developments brought their brainchild to the forefront. During its heyday, the brand ranked fourth in its niche.

Meaning and History

Sony Ericsson Symbol

For 11 years of existence, the logo of the phones has remained unchanged, with minor changes in 2009. Visually, the logo is an unusual ball with an inner green core and the brand name.

The inscription Sony Ericsson is located under the image of the ball. It is written in a clear square font with rounded corners. In shape, the sequence of letters resembles a network or grooves of a chip. The names of two large companies form the name of the brand:

  • Sony is a Japanese company that makes home appliances and electronics.
  • Ericsson is a Swedish manufacturer of cell phones, platforms, and routers for building networks.

What is Sony Ericsson?

The cell phone brand was popular in the first decade of the 2000s. Characterized by a combination of a button phone, player, and camera, it is owned by Sony and Ericsson.

The giants teamed up and created a firm producing smartphones under a common brand. Although ten years later (2011), the Ericsson Division Consumer Products stake was bought out, the brand name remained the same. It was changed six months after the takeover.

The image is at the top center. It is very futuristic. A metal sphere with curved oval windows offers a view of the inner liquid filling the ball. A green round core floats in the center of the structure.

The sphere resembles a sci-fi technological cell created in analogy to plant and animal cells. The nucleus stores important digital information. It is also the source of energy needed for gadgets. Complex reactions and calculations take place in the green cytoplasm. The creators themselves call the green liquid Liquid Energy. It and the nucleus are reliably protected by an alien metal casing. It is possible that the ball is machine intelligence contained in Sony Ericsson devices. Intelligent Computing Center.

The emblem connects the brand with the technologies of the future. Phones are designed with knowledge ahead of their time. They are “smart,” respond to the desires of the user, and have many functions. The owners of the company combined the best designs of their previous firms to create a phone with multimedia capabilities. The brand offered color screen, digital video, clip downloading, GPRS, infrared port, Bluetooth, etc., which was a true innovation for mobile devices.

The brand’s phones had an emblem-like central control button – a metal circle with an inner green-blue rod. Some phones had a JogDial wheel that could rotate. A hint of a sphere was also present on the side of the camera, taken in a large ring. Therefore, the logo was immediately associated with the image of the gadget.

The arrangement of green and metallic substances in the sphere showed the fusion of the first letters, S and E.

Font and Colors

Sony Ericsson Emblem

The main colors of the emblem are green and metallic. The first is the color of life, reason, and development. The second symbolizes machines and technology. You can see their intertwining:

  • The mind is enclosed in the shell of the phone. The synthesis of colors “revives” the gadget, endowing it with superpowers.
  • The merger of two companies leads to the creation of better models.

Font inscription Sol Pro Bold.

Sony Ericsson color codes

Dim GrayHex color:#6d6e70
RGB:109 110 112
CMYK:3 2 0 56
Pantone:PMS 424 C
CadetHex color:#5b656c
RGB:91 101 108
CMYK:16 6 0 58
Pantone:PMS 431 C
Dark GrayHex color:#a6aaae
RGB:166 170 174
CMYK:5 2 0 32
Pantone:PMS 429 C
Dark GreenHex color:#016320
RGB:1 99 32
CMYK:99 0 68 61
Pantone:PMS 356 C
FernHex color:#4ab55e
RGB:74 181 94
CMYK:54 0 48 29
Pantone:PMS 7481 C