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ATI: Brand overview

Founded:1985 – 2011
Founder:Lee Ka Lau, Francis Lau, Benny Lau, and Kwok Yuen Ho
Markham, Ontario, Canada

ATI, originally known as Array Technology Inc., was a notable company specializing in designing and producing graphics processing units (GPUs) and chipsets for computer systems. Established in Ontario, Canada, in 1985 by K.Y. Ho, Benny Lau, and Lee Lau, the company set its sights on catering to the PC gaming and consumer graphics sectors.

The company was recognized for creating video cards, graphics accelerators, and other products. ATI’s iconic product lines, which include the Radeon, All-In-Wonder, and Rage series, were key players in the computer graphics market.

In a landmark development in 2006, ATI rose to a commanding position in the graphics industry by acquiring the graphics chipset business of its chief competitor, Nvidia, for a staggering $5.4 billion. The same year, ATI was acquired by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), a significant chipmaking player, for $5.4 billion.

Post-acquisition, ATI functioned as a subsidiary of AMD, continuing to develop Radeon graphics cards and other graphics technologies under the AMD umbrella. The transition led to the eventual dissolution of the ATI brand in 2010, with all graphics products being integrated directly under the AMD brand.

At its zenith, ATI was among the “big three” in the graphics chipset design industry, along with Nvidia and Intel. Its contributions played a pivotal role in propelling PC graphics technology forward. Before AMD’s acquisition in 2006, the company had more than 1,700 employees and annual revenues exceeding $2 billion.

Meaning and History

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What is ATI?

Based out of Markham, Ontario, ATI Technologies Inc., often referred to as ATI was a prominent Canadian corporation known for its work in the field of semiconductor technology. Established in 1985 by Lee Ka Lau, Francis Lau, Benny Lau, and Kwok Yuen Ho, the company built a strong reputation in graphics processing units (GPUs) and chipsets. The company’s technology greatly influenced the computer graphics landscape, from bolstering the graphical functions of IBM and Commodore computers to bringing about transformative changes in the video gaming sector. Indeed, the digital graphics world has been significantly shaped by ATI’s enduring legacy.

1985 – 2004

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2004 – 2011

ATI Technologies Logo

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Pigment RedHex color:#ea1c2a
RGB:234 28 42
CMYK:0 88 82 8
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C