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Despite the website’s nature, the Blacked logo is strict, businesslike, and two-dimensional. It does not hint at the specifics of the film studio: there are no provocative drawn elements or extravagant conceptual symbols – everything is classically simple. However, this visual identity has not prevented it from gaining fame as one of the leaders in adult content production.

Blacked: Brand overview

Blacked is an American film studio specializing in the production and distribution of adult films. It focuses on interracial relationships and owns a web platform under the same name, where it publishes its works. The internet resource is so popular that it was awarded as the best subscription site (in 2016, according to AVN Award) and best cinematographic channel (in 2018, in a category by Pornhub Award). It also has many other titles, one of which is “Studio of the Year” (Urban X Award). The company was founded by Frenchman Greg Lansky and was founded in 2014. Its parent organization is Vixen Media Group, and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

Meaning and History

Blacked Logo History

Although this film studio deals with filming movies on a rather delicate subject, it succeeds in artistic cinema. This is evidenced by the heightened attention to its content and numerous awards, nominations, and prizes over the years. All the accolades contributed to the wide recognition of the logo despite its simplicity and modesty. The company’s name directly hints at its area of interest: the word “black” in almost all meanings is perfectly suitable for it. Firstly, it relates to the genre – interracial relationships between people of different skin colors. Secondly, it hints at the type of film – “dark” as the dark side of life.

What is Blacked?

Blacked is an American film company that specializes in shooting adult content, and it also runs a website where it showcases films of its own production. The studio focuses on interracial relationships. It was established in 2014 by French entrepreneur Greg Lansky. The main office is located in Los Angeles, California. The brand is part of the Vixen Media Group.

2014 – today

Blacked Logo

The basis of the logo is the name of the film studio and adult content website. The inscription is horizontal and contiguous, despite having two parts, as it is also a direct link to the web resource. The word “Blacked” is typed in a bold geometric font: all letters are straight wide, with precise angles (found in “L,” “K,” “A,” “E”) and smooth roundings (seen in “D,” “C,” and “B”). Following is a small dot that highlights the domain “COM,” which is written in narrow letters so it does not catch the eye at a quick glance. Both words unite the upper case and the absence of serifs.

 Font and Colors

Blacked Emblem

The first word is set in a typeface similar to Metropolis Semi Bold by Chris Simpson or Sentic Text Bold by HeadFirst. The second is rendered in a font reminiscent of Circe Rounded Extra Light by ParaType. The colors are subdued despite the vivid impressions from the content and the boiling passions in movies. Black and gray are the predominant choices. The background is mostly white.

Blacked Symbol