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The Candy logo is simple and thoughtful. The color, font, and style of the emblem reflect the company’s direction and core principles. The logo exudes a family atmosphere and a connection between generations, complemented by innovations.

Candy: Brand overview

Founder:Eden Fumagalli
Brugherio, Italy

Candy is a household appliance brand, mainly washing machines, owned by Haier Europe. In 1945, the brand introduced the first automatic washing machine in the Italian market. One of the company’s latest developments includes household devices with remote control capabilities via Wi-Fi.

Meaning and History

Candy Logo History

The brand’s emblems have changed frequently over 80 years. However, the company maintained a steadfast commitment to word marks, occasionally supplementing them with symbols demonstrating the properties of the manufactured appliances. The logos reveal the strong family ties of the founders and unity in their work towards achieving the primary goal. Even after changing the parent company, the new owners retained the familiar visual identity of the brand with almost no changes.

What is Candy?

Candy is a major Italian household appliance brand offering washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and much more. For 12 years, it has held leading positions in the market. Since 2019, the brand’s owner has merged with Haier, forming a new company, Haier Europe.

1948 – 1957

Candy Logo 1948

The brand’s first logo consisted of the name. It appeared only in 1948, although Fumagalli’s workshops were founded in 1927, the first industrial washing machine in 1932, and the household appliance in 1945. The reason lies in the gradual development of the idea. The machine was invented in 1945 but was not introduced to the public until the following year. When mass production began, they took care of the logo.

Despite the sweet name, the brand’s product belongs to a completely different field. And the chosen name does not come from candies.

Candy is the nickname of the founder’s father, Eden Fumagalli, which his friends gave him for his very pleasant “sweet” voice. Eden can be considered the founder of the future Candy Group, as he opened the Officine Meccaniche Eden Fumagalli workshop. His sons only developed his idea further.

Another story behind the name is Nat King Cole’s song “Candy,” performed in 1944 and becoming a hit. The composition is still considered an American classic. Fumagalli chose it for the name so that the brand would be more memorable and evoke pleasant associations for buyers. In the song, the beloved is compared to Candy and presented as understanding and always nearby. The founders wanted their products to have these qualities.

For most buyers unfamiliar with the brand’s history, the name is associated with desirable, pleasant, and well-functioning products.

Part of the inscription “andy” is enclosed in a thin rectangular frame. This technique symbolizes:

  • Quality, durability, and maximum protection of products, reliability.
  • The shape of household appliances, many of which are rectangular.
  • Name. Andi – a diminutive form of Andrea. Possibly, it personified someone important in the family’s life. The meaning of the name is “manly and brave,” representing the brand as confident and strong.

The technique made the sign more recognizable. Capital letters connected to each other indicated a family connection. All Fumagalli children participated in Candy’s work, each responsible for a specific area in the company. The forward tilt of the inscription spoke of innovation and development.

1957 – 1964

Candy Logo 1957

1964 – 1970

Candy Logo 1964

1970 – 1983

Candy Logo 1970

1983 – 1993

Candy Logo 1983

1993 – 2000

Candy Logo 1993

2000 – today

Candy Logo

For a long time, Candy was private and belonged to the children and then the grandchildren of the founder. In 2019, it was acquired by the Chinese corporation Haier, which changed the brand’s logo.

The update did not bring major changes. The emblem still features the name in blue tones. The main innovations are a change of font and the abandonment of the frame.

The first two letters of the inscription are connected to each other, resembling a lock and key. This technique demonstrates the company’s desire to solve consumer problems, the ability to find optimal device parameters, and achieve set goals. The connection of letters symbolizes the thoughtfulness and comfort inherent to the brand.

Font and Colors

The primary color of the logo is blue. It is associated with the following:

  • Cold. Candy manufactures air conditioners and refrigerators.
  • Water. The first and most famous product of the brand is washing machines.
  • Cleanliness and ease of use of the appliances.

Blue is a symbol of dreams. Eden Fumagalli’s dream of creating a machine capable of washing autonomously came true. Since then, the brand has brought many ideas to life, improving people’s lives.

The font is unique due to the connection of the first characters.

Candy color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00acec
RGB:0 172 236
CMYK:100 27 0 7
Pantone:PMS 801 C