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CyberPowerPC: Brand overview

Founded:February 17, 1998
Founder:Eric Cheung and Stanley Ho
California, U.S.

CyberPowerPC, an American enterprise specializing in producing and selling custom gaming PCs, computer components, and accessories, was established in 1998. Based in the City of Industry, California, where it was originally founded, the company provides a platform for customers to tailor-make gaming desktops, laptops, and workstations according to their unique performance requirements and budget.

CyberPowerPC incorporates components from industry-leading brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Asus, and Microsoft to create these specialized systems. These components are designed to deliver optimal performance for gaming, content creation, AI, and VR applications.

Beyond its complete system offerings, CyberPowerPC also provides individual parts like graphics cards, memory units, storage devices, and power supplies. All assembly, testing, and quality control processes are conducted in-house at the company’s California facility before the products are dispatched worldwide.

To engage its customers and foster a sense of community, CyberPowerPC regularly hosts promotions and contests, offering highly configured gaming rigs as prizes. It also maintains a gaming community forum and produces digital content to establish a strong connection with its enthusiast customer base.

Despite being a niche market player, CyberPowerPC is one of the largest system builders focusing on gaming PCs, competing with iBuyPower and Alienware.

Meaning and History

CyberPowerPC Logo History

What is CyberPowerPC?

1998 witnessed a game-changing concept by Eric Cheung and Stanley Ho – building tailor-made personal computers explicitly for the gaming community. This brainchild eventually grew into CyberPowerPC, becoming a prominent figure in the custom gaming PC manufacturing landscape. The company now offers an extensive array of ready-made and customizable PCs meticulously designed to fulfill the unique demands of avid gamers. CyberPowerPC enhances the gaming sphere with accessories and peripherals like gaming-centric keyboards, monitors, and mice, further elevating gamers’ experiences.

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