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The Energizer logo is energetic and concise. The emblem moves forward, demonstrating the power of the charge hidden in the brand’s products. The sign guarantees the stability and long-lasting operation of electrical devices with the company’s batteries.

Energizer: Brand overview

Missouri, U.S.

Energizer is an American brand of batteries, accumulators, and Power Banks. It was first introduced by EVEREADY in 1980. In 2000, the brand became so popular that the company changed its name to Energizer Holdings, Inc. Production takes place at six factories in the US and one in Singapore.

Meaning and History

Energizer Logo History

From the beginning, the company adhered to a single style in the brand identity. This approach helped make the brand easily recognizable. Emblems have changed several times, but the main focus has always been on the text part. Techniques of inclination, sharp and clear outlines, and colored lines made the logo strong and dynamic. The inscription emphasized the power and reliability of the batteries.

What is Energizer?

Energizer is a leading brand in the field of chemical power sources and devices that run on them (flashlights, phones). It belongs to the eponymous American corporation headquartered in Missouri. The net profit from sales is $160 million.

1980 – 1987

Energizer Logo 1980

The first logo consists of the brand name. No drawings or symbols are used. Since batteries are small in size, minimalism allows the sign to look advantageous on the product. Clear symbols add style and are easily readable.

The main task of changing the name from EVEREADY to Energizer was the need to introduce new lithium batteries, which had a long and strong charge compared to alkaline ones. And all the techniques in the emblem serve this purpose.

Capital letters emphasize the battery life and focus attention on the advantage over other brands.

In the transformed inscription, a similar meaning is encrypted. The letters in “Ener” and “zer” merge with each other through the lower elements, dividing the word into two parts. “Ener” is short for “Energy,” and “zer” is part of “zero.” In the middle, “gi” probably stands for “gigawatt.” The word is a hyperbole, symbolizing the impressive power of the accumulators.

The decryption turns out: the brand gives powerful energy to devices that are at zero. The representation fully complies with the slogan “Charged for Life.”

1987 – 1994

Energizer Logo 1987

1993 – 1996

Energizer Logo 1993

1996 – 2004

Energizer Logo 1996

2004 – 2009

Energizer Logo 2004

2009 – today

Energizer Logo

In 2009, Energizer launched solar batteries. The event was a significant step forward and distinguished the brand among competitors. The logo change underscored this event.

Black, strict letters tilted forward became the visual sign of the brand for the following decades. Separately standing symbols demonstrate mobility thanks to new sources of energy. People are no longer dependent on the presence of a socket, and there is no need to change batteries either. Each symbol seems to:

  • One cell on the canvas of a solar panel.
  • A current pulse directed to devices.

The tilt indicates speed and efficiency. The power is more than enough for active uninterrupted operation.

Font and Colors

The modern logo of the company is monochrome. The black color in the identity appeals to the male audience and is a symbol of power, victory, and resilience. For Energizer, this shade is quite suitable. The brand’s products are filled with energy, which allows devices to work. According to advertising, the duration of the operation is much longer than that of competitors’ batteries. Men often deal with setting up technology, so the brand focuses on their perception.

The logo font is reminiscent of Din Kursivschrift Breit. The letters are characterized by high precision and smooth glyphs, emphasizing the reliability and uninterrupted operation of the products.

Energizer color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C