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Flowserve: Brand overview

Irving, Texas, U.S.

Flowserve, a Texas-based industrial machinery enterprise, specializes in manufacturing various products, including pumps, valves, seals, and automation equipment. Established in 1912 and currently headquartered in Irving, Texas, Flowserve has a global footprint.

The company’s portfolio includes engineered and industrial pumps crafted under brands such as Worthington, Durco, IDP, Pacific, and Byron Jackson, each tailored for specific applications. Flowserve creates industrial valves, seals, actuation systems, and control and diagnostic technologies, focusing primarily on managing fluid flows.

The firm caters to a broad spectrum of industries, such as oil & gas, chemical, power generation, water management, and mining, to name a few. Beyond just equipment sales, Flowserve also offers installation, maintenance, repair, and optimization services. This extensive support aids clients in maintaining the efficiency and durability of their purchased equipment.

With a global team of over 15,000 employees across 55 countries, Flowserve boasts annual revenues surpassing the $4 billion mark. The company’s mission is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance of customer operations through its innovative solutions for pumping, automation, and flow optimization.

2018 Flowserve broadened its portfolio through a strategic merger with Ingersoll Rand’s industrial assets. This combination expanded its product range and bolstered its market position.

Flowserve’s heritage extends back to the 1900s with significant contributions from brands like Worthington, Duriron, and Jeumont-Schneider. In 1997, the company embraced the Flowserve name, further establishing its presence in the industrial machinery sector.

Meaning and History

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What is Flowserve?

Flowserve Corporation, an American multinational giant based in Irving, Texas, dominates the industrial and environmental machinery sector. Offering a comprehensive portfolio including pumps, valves, end face mechanical seals, automation solutions, and associated services, Flowserve has established itself as one of the leading providers of power, oil, gas, and chemical industries. Flowserve began in 1997 following the BW/IP and Durco International Union. The corporation serves a broad spectrum of clients, including engineering and construction entities, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and end-users, offering products and aftermarket services.

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