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Gigaset: Brand overview

Bocholt, Germany

Gigaset, a globally recognized telecommunications firm, specializes in producing cordless phones and various voice and data communication devices. The company’s journey began in 2008 when Arques Industries acquired Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices (SHC) division from Siemens.

The heart of Gigaset’s operations resides in Munich, Germany, while it operates additional offices worldwide in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and China. The company has carved a name for itself primarily for its top-notch digital cordless and wireless phone systems catering to residential and business environments.

In addition to these, Gigaset’s diverse product portfolio includes tablets, baby monitors, VoIP phones, door intercom systems, and an array of smart home automation devices. With a workforce of around 900 employees globally, the company’s innovative products reach approximately 70 countries.

Gigaset’s principal manufacturing units in Germany and China produce nearly 14 million cordless devices annually. A distinctive feature of Gigaset is its rigorous commitment to security, a trait evident in its business phones that adhere to military-grade encryption standards.

On top of its consumer products, Gigaset also caters to businesses with its professional line known as Gigaset Pro, which provides communication solutions tailored to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises. As a significant player in the global market, Gigaset is a leading manufacturer of DECT cordless phones and systems outside Asia.

Meaning and History

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What is Gigaset?

Gigaset AG, operational since 2008, has been a dynamic force in the telecommunications sector with its creative designs and offerings. Their product line has evolved from the initial cordless telephone to the present selection of DECT phones and assorted telecommunications apparatus. Gigaset’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its European clientele has remained unwavering. As a multinational enterprise based in Germany, Gigaset has consistently kept its product portfolio in sync with industry advancements, and they perpetually aim to achieve superiority in all facets of its business operations.

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