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Indesit: Brand overview

Founder:Vittorio Merloni
Fabriano, Italy
Indesit, hailing from Italy, is a renowned home appliance manufacturer focusing on crafting large-scale domestic appliances. The company was established in 1975 and is based in Fabriano, Italy. It has built a solid reputation for providing budget-friendly and energy-efficient appliance models.

The company’s product roster includes washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, hobs, and hoods. Some of its widely recognized product lines encompass the Indesit Eco Time, My Time, Innex, and Stainless Steel models.

Indesit experienced significant changes in ownership throughout its history. In 1981, the Merloni group acquired the company, which subsequently merged with Ariston to form the Indesit Company. In 2014, the Whirlpool Corporation took over the Indesit Company in a deal that cost $1.08 billion.

The company has a large workforce of around 20,000 employees and operates 16 production facilities in various countries across Europe, Russia, Turkey, and Africa as of 2014. Indesit claims to manufacture over 16 million appliances annually and maintains approximately a quarter of its market share in key Western European markets.

Indesit continually emphasizes innovation, striving to increase energy savings and improve convenience features that cater specifically to European consumer needs. The brand has garnered significant recognition in the UK, with over 2.5 million Indesit appliances currently in use.

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