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Liftmaster: Brand overview

Founder:Chamberlain Group
Akron, Ohio, United States

LiftMaster traces its roots back to 1926, when it was first established as the Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing Co., based in Aurora, Illinois. The company began manufacturing overhead garage door hardware and related accessories. In a significant advancement in 1953, LiftMaster unveiled the “Open-A-Door,” marking the arrival of the first residential overhead garage door opener.

Two years later, in 1955, the LiftMaster brand was launched, focusing exclusively on garage door openers. The company was instrumental in introducing pioneering safety measures in the industry, including automatic reverse systems and infrared sensors for openers. 1985 LiftMaster found a new parent company when the Chamberlain Group purchased it.

The 1990s were a period of rapid innovation for LiftMaster. The company unveiled multiple technological advancements, including the Security+ rolling code, battery backup systems, and motion detection technology. LiftMaster expanded its product offerings beyond garage door openers, venturing into commercial door operators, residential gate operators, and access control systems.

In 2015, LiftMaster again stood at the forefront of innovation by releasing its MyQ technology. This internet-connected technology allows for openers to be controlled via smartphones, symbolizing a significant leap toward smart technology in the industry. Today, LiftMaster’s extensive product catalog includes jackshaft operators, residential belt drives, commercial operators, and many smart accessories.

The company’s primary competitors in the market include Genie, Craftsman, and, surprisingly, Chamberlain’s brand of garage door openers. Although the headquarters has relocated to Oak Brook, Illinois, where Chamberlain is, manufacturing operations remain in Aurora. With an impressive global footprint, LiftMaster boasts the installation of over 20 million openers across their various brands worldwide.

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