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Microlab: Brand overview

Shenzhen, China

Microlab’s journey began in 1998 as a collaborative venture between two Chinese companies: International Microlab Blue Electronics Technology Co. and Shenzhen Microlab Technology Inc. The company, headquartered in China, gained recognition as a global player in the audio electronics sector.

The company’s forte is crafting multimedia speakers, AV speakers, and audio accessories. Its commitment to quality production is demonstrated through the ownership of five factories in China, responsible for manufacturing diverse components such as loudspeakers, electronics, plastic molds, and speaker boxes.

Microlab’s products are not confined to China alone. The company has succeeded in making its mark in approximately 40 countries worldwide, including North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. It prides itself on being a trusted manufacturer and exporter of speakers and audio devices on a global scale.

Although Microlab originated from a joint venture between two Chinese firms, it has transcended its local origins to establish itself as a reputable brand in the global audio industry. This journey underlines Microlab’s successful blend of local innovation and global perspective.

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