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MikroTik: Brand overview

Founder:John Tully and Arnis Riekstiņš
Riga, Latvia

Based in the vibrant city of Riga, Latvia, MikroTik is a technological firm that excels in developing and producing computer networking equipment, including routers, switches, and wireless access points. The company’s inception dates back to 1996, when two brothers, John Tronics, and Arnis Riekstins, decided to turn their shared interest in technology into a fruitful venture.

The nascent stages of MikroTik saw the company’s focus directed toward developing equipment that could service wireless ISPs, such as routers and bandwidth shapers. One of its crowning achievements has been the creation of RouterOS software, which forms the backbone of MikroTik’s routers and networking devices. This software is renowned for its comprehensive range of networking features.

MikroTik’s offerings encompass the RouterBoard series of routers, switches, access points, antennas, and other miscellaneous networking gear. This wide array of products primarily caters to network operators, internet service providers, businesses, and technology enthusiasts. MikroTik has carved a niche in the networking industry with a reputation for delivering advanced networking capabilities at an economical price.

MikroTik’s products have gained traction globally, with an estimated 4 million installations spanning over 150 countries. Despite the company’s global reach, its roots remain in Riga, which maintains its headquarters and manufacturing facility, supplementing them with additional offices worldwide.

Since 2011, MikroTik has held annual conferences, known as MikroTik User Meeting (MUM), to foster interaction and communication between users and customers. Even after years of growth and evolution, MikroTik continues to be steered by its original leaders, Arnis and John. As a privately-owned entity, MikroTik cherishes its independence and commitment to developing high-quality, affordable networking solutions.

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