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Founder:Codan Group
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Originating from South Australia, Minelab is a renowned company that develops and produces metal detection technologies and equipment. Established in 1985 by Bruce Candy, Minelab emerged from its predecessor, an electronics manufacturing entity named CML.

Minelab’s catalog encompasses a variety of metal detectors crafted for distinct applications across consumer, commercial, and military markets. For the general consumer, the company offers handheld detectors, which are perfect tools for activities like treasure hunting, beach combing, and gold prospecting.

The company’s commercial and industrial line includes models designed for various security applications, countermine operations, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection, and gold mining. In the defense sector, Minelab’s military-grade detectors have been supplied to over 20 armed forces globally, including the US Army.

Among Minelab’s product range, some prominent models include the Excalibur underwater detector, the X-Terra gold detector, and the compact F3 detector. The company is known for pioneering innovative technologies such as the Breakthrough Blade System (BBS), Multi-IQ detection, and GPS mapping features.

Since its inception in 1985, Minelab has sold over a million metal detectors worldwide, a testament to its reputation and user trust. The company operates from its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Adelaide, Australia.

Minelab’s detectors have been instrumental in discovering significant treasures, including the famous Staffordshire Hoard in the UK. In the competitive market for metal detection equipment, Minelab stands against brands like Garrett, Fisher, Tesoro, and Whites Electronics, maintaining its position as a reliable and advanced choice for metal detection technology.

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