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Monitor Audio: Brand overview

Founder:Mo Iqbal
Rayleigh, Essex, England

Monitor Audio, a British brand renowned for its high-fidelity speakers and audio equipment was brought to life in 1972 by Mo Iqbal in England. Initially, the firm focused on manufacturing drive units for home audio speakers.

By 1976, the company began marketing speakers under its brand name, originally targeting significant OEM customers. The 1980s witnessed the brand’s rise to prominence with its compact hi-fi speakers that resonated with the home audio market.

Monitor Audio’s portfolio covers many speakers, from floor-standing and bookshelf speakers to surround sound and in-wall models. Expanding beyond speakers, the company also manufactures amplifiers, soundbars, and subwoofers primarily for residential use.

The brand’s distinctive features include its proprietary monitor cone drivers, ribbon tweeters, and uniquely curved cabinet designs, all contributing to a naturally rich sound. Monitor Audio operates engineering and production facilities in England and the Far East, marketing its products in over 60 countries worldwide.

2014 TA Associates acquired the company, but Mo Iqbal retained a minority stake, maintaining a link to the brand’s origins. Monitor Audio is independent of other notable brands in the hi-fi speaker segment, such as Q Acoustics, DALI, Spendor, and Focal.

The brand’s standout product lines include the Silver and Gold Signature series, which are lauded for their premium craftsmanship and top-tier sound quality.

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