The NEFF logo is active and bright, reflecting the elite nature of the company’s appliances. The color scheme of the emblem conveys the image of a leader who uses technical innovations and maximum automation. As a result, using the company’s appliances becomes a pleasant and joyful event.

NEFF: Brand overview

Founded:12 June 1877
Founder:Carl Andreas Neff
Munich, Germany

NEFF is a German company specializing in household kitchen appliances. The main focus is on ovens, cooktops, and microwaves, but the range also includes refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Since 1981, it has been owned by the Robert Bosch GmbH group through the European market leader BSH Hausgeräte.

Meaning and History

NEFF Logo History

The company’s emblem has remained unchanged for over 100 years. This may be due to the fact that the brand is owned by other companies, and for them, Neff is just one of many subsidiary brands. Nevertheless, this approach has allowed the manufacturer of stoves and ovens to create a stable and easily memorable image. The sign is based on associations with household appliances and hot stoves, which are embedded in the color scheme and design of the verbal part of the logo.

What is NEFF?

Neff is a German premium segment household appliance brand owned by Bosch. Factories are located in various European countries, but the full range of Neff products is produced in Germany and Spain. The products are sold in 50 countries worldwide, with 80% of consumers being Germans and Brits.

1877 – today

The company’s emblem consists of the name, in which the letter N is surrounded by a construction of an incomplete circle.

The company’s name comes from the surname of its founder, master Carl Andreas Neff. He was a locksmith and assembled coal stoves for cooking and boiling laundry, which became his small family business. And although, like many small companies, after the owner’s death, it was to be bought by large competitors (AEG), the founder’s name was preserved as a brand. This is due to Carl Neff’s significant contribution to the history of kitchen appliances thanks to the invention of a confectionery oven with a gas burner in 1877.

The element surrounding the first letter of the logo resembles:

  • A stove door. The company specialized in coal structures, in which a round or square door was opened and coal was laid. It is this feature of the construction that is reflected in the logo.
  • A Start button. After expanding the range and switching to gas and electric appliances, the start button became the main element associated with appliances. Therefore, this technique immediately makes it clear in which area the company works.
  • The last letter of the Greek alphabet Omega. The symbol indicates the last word in the industry and solidity. There are no more worthy companies after Neff. Considering the use of the phrase in the Bible: “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,” the element indicates that the company will exist until the end of time.

This approach has allowed the creation of both a complete logo and a shortened sign consisting of a circle and a single letter for placement on advertising and products.

Font and Colors

The company’s logo is monochrome. The red color not only looks bright and attractive but also points to heating appliances – the main items in the brand’s assortment. The color is associated with tasty original dishes, energy, and creativity.

An unusual feature of the font is the very wide main glyphs and thin secondary ones. This approach demonstrates the excellent performance of the main functions of each appliance and the presence of accompanying additional features. The letters E and F in this design resemble power outlet forks, drawing attention to electrical appliances.

NEFF color codes

Crimson GloryHex color:#b60030
RGB:182 0 48
CMYK:0 100 74 29
Pantone:PMS 193 C