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The Newegg logo is original and memorable. It emphasizes innovation, the birth of new projects and ideas that lead to constant renewal of the company’s assortment and offers. The emblem symbolizes growth and youth.

Newegg: Brand overview

Founder:Fred Chang
City of Industry, California, U.S.

Newegg is a Chinese corporation, an online retailer of electronics and household appliances, covering customers in 50 countries. The company employs over 2,000 workers. Annual profit in 2021 amounted to $36.3 million. The company is owned by Liaison Interactive.

Meaning and History

Newegg Logo History

The company strives to keep up with the times and regularly updates its visual identity. Since its foundation in 2001, there have been 6 changes. However, each of them represents a minor adjustment to the first version. Thus, it is more about finding the perfect option. The original idea with the golden egg turned out to be so successful that it continues to be used in the emblem design for over 20 years.

What is Newegg?

A large Chinese online retailer offering household goods, appliances, and electronics. It owns platforms:,,,,, and companies: Staff and Bridge. It provides software solutions and configurators, including: Logistics, PC Builder, Shuffle, PC Finder.

2001 – 2004

Newegg Logo 2001

The first company logo consists of three eggs, slightly overlapping each other: two white ones and a golden one in the middle. The central element features a label with the brand’s website address.

The three tilted eggs symbolize:

  • The youth of the project and its recent market entry. The company has yet to demonstrate the full extent of its capabilities.
  • An attempt to emphasize the individuality of the project. The golden egg against the background of ordinary white ones hints at dissimilarity and superiority over others.
  • Profit. The store brings golden eggs, offering genuine valuable items of excellent quality and providing savings.
  • Variety. Products of different groups are represented on the shelves.

The central element is a nod to the company’s founder, Fred Chang, originally from Taiwan. A common dish on the island is iron eggs. As a result of long cooking in soy sauce and drying, the product acquires a brown color outside and a light brown color inside. These eggs are characterized by strength and rich taste, as is the retailer, which stands firmly on its feet and has its own style.

The number 3 is considered lucky, indicating the blessing of higher powers. It embodies talent and creativity. It also refers to the third millennium, at the beginning of which the retailer was born.

The inscription emerging from the egg hints at the idea of birth. At the time of the retailer’s foundation, the e-commerce industry was experiencing a downturn and problems related to the year 2000. The inscription is an attempt to tell about the bright prospects ahead. Thanks to optimism, the company successfully overcame difficulties and entered the top 10 largest online sellers in 2005.

2004 – 2005

Newegg Logo 2004

2005 – 2011

Newegg Logo 2005

2011 – 2014

Newegg Logo 2011

2014 – 2015

Newegg Logo 2014

2015 – today

Newegg Logo

The company was acquired by Chinese Liaison Interactive, which led to a gradual expansion of its scope of activities, including software development. The change of ownership was reflected in the logo as well.

Two main changes:

  • An increase in the size of the eggs to showcase the growth and expansion of the giant.
  • The removal of the domain name from the inscription. This approach indicated a move beyond the confines of a single e-commerce site. By that time, the company owned a range of stores with different domains and was preparing for global expansion.

Overall, the emblem gives an impression of novelty, the desire to grow, and bringing new ideas into the world.

Font and Colors

The visual sign combines orange, white, and dark blue.

  • Orange – a warm shade, inducing a sense of warmth. Shopping in the store lifts the mood. It represents the color of the sun, gold, as a hint at premium status, a high position among similar stores, and the best products.
  • Dark blue – signifies experience, reliability, computer technology, and artificial intelligence.
  • White – the color of readiness for change, a shade of constant research and new beginnings.

The font is Fixture Italic Condensed. A slight forward tilt represents movement and dynamic development. The absence of capital letters gives priority to the user and their interests. It demonstrates the desire to be useful.

Newegg color codes

Dark Navy BlueHex color:#08144f
RGB:8 20 79
CMYK:90 75 0 69
Pantone:PMS 273 C
TangeloHex color:#f15c24
RGB:241 92 36
CMYK:0 62 85 5
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Banana YellowHex color:#ffdf2d
RGB:255 223 45
CMYK:0 13 82 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Neon SilverHex color:#cccccc
RGB:204 204 204
CMYK:0 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 420 C