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Petronas: Brand overview

Petronas, founded in 1974, is a Malaysian multinational corporation headquartered in Kuala Lumpur operating in the oil and gas sector. As Malaysia’s main energy supplier, Petronas has been at the forefront of the Malaysian government’s initiative to stimulate economic development and progress.

Since its inception in the 1970s, Petronas has played an important role in the exploration and production of oil and gas in Malaysia. However, in the 1980s, the company’s trajectory changed, and it expanded beyond Malaysia into the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. This expansion was a turning point in Petronas’ transformation into a global energy giant.

By the 1990s, Petronas had become one of the most prominent oil and gas companies in the world. With unrivaled excellence in upstream, midstream, downstream, petrochemicals, and LNG, Petronas has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Petronas has spearheaded some of the world’s boldest oil and gas projects, such as the development of the Kumang oil field in Malaysia, the construction of the Bintulu LNG plant in Malaysia, and the expansion of the South Pars gas field in Iran. These projects have pushed the boundaries of engineering and technological capabilities, leaving a significant mark on the global energy scenario.

In the face of plummeting oil prices and a corruption investigation that has rocked the country, Petronas continues to be a formidable player in the global oil and gas sector. Despite the challenges, the company has shown resilience and continues to thrive.

In 1974, the Malaysian government established Petronas, laying the foundation for a promising future.

In 1975, Petronas began exploring Malaysia’s oil and gas resources, marking the beginning of the country’s transformation phase.

In 1980, Petronas entered the Middle East, expanding its operating base in a region with great potential.

In 1990, Petronas entered Africa, adding another continent to its operations.

In 1993, Petronas made a strategic move into the Americas, expanding its global presence and establishing itself in a new market.

In 1994, Petronas established an LNG plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, setting a precedent in the country’s energy industry and paving the way for a new era of energy production.

In 2000, Petronas underwent a major transformation to become a publicly traded company that transformed Malaysia’s economy and became one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world.

In 2004, Petronas expanded into China, opening new opportunities for future success.

In 2008, Petronas took on the monumental task of building the South Pars gas field in Iran.

In 2015, the fall in global oil prices led to a decline in Petronas’ profits.

In 2020, a turning point in Petronas’ fortunes came: oil prices rose, leading to a significant increase in profits.

Meaning and History

Petronas Logo History

1974 – 1990

Petronas Logo 1974

1990 – 2013

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2013 – 2019

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2019 – today

Petronas Logo

The logo of the Malaysian energy concern fully reflects the scope of its business, as the company is engaged in both resource development and distribution. To emphasize this, the designers chose a drop as the individual mark and added a triangle on the top right. As a result, the shape resembles an oil derrick with a flame at the end. In the center is a bold dot. This “design” is colored in turquoise and white. Under it is the name of the company. It is typed in a grotesque font with smooth curves. The inscription has a dark gray color.

The turquoise color makes the logo look fresh and modern, as if in touch with today. The dark gray text below the logo is like a solid foundation, sturdy and sturdy. The rounded font of the company name makes it accessible, not too strict and formal. The flame on top of the droplet is an interesting way to show that the company not only finds resources but also makes them useful by turning oil into energy.

Petronas color codes

KeppelHex color:#00b0a1
RGB:0 176 161
CMYK:100 0 9 31
Pantone:PMS 3275 C
Shadow GrayHex color:#414043
RGB:65 64 67
CMYK:3 4 0 74
Pantone:PMS Black 7 C