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The designers created the Texaco logo, which is a big white star in a red circle. Moreover, the star is formed by negative space, and on its background, you can see the letter “T” – the first letter of the brand name. Until 1999, the emblem was supplemented with a black inscription.

Texaco: Brand overview

Previously, Texaco was one of the largest producers and suppliers of oil, natural gas, and petroleum products on the world market. Everything changed in 2001 when the energy company was taken over by the Chevron Corporation and became a brand of motor oils, gas, and gasoline.

Meaning and History

Texaco Logo History

The name Texaco is formed from the first letters of two words: “TEXAs” and “COMpany”. The fact is that initially, this brand appeared in Texas and decided to reflect this fact in its symbolism. The emblem with the image of a star is also a manifestation of patriotism. After all, the white star is present on the flag of the state, which even received a corresponding nickname: The Lone Star State. As for the logo of the brand, it has evolved from simple to complex and multi-component.

What is Texaco?

Now, Texaco is a brand of motor oils, and in the past, it was the leader of the global oil industry. The company started in the United States in 1901 and existed for exactly one hundred years until it was absorbed by its main competitor – Chevron Corporation. As a result of their merger in 2001, a new oil and gas giant was formed – Chevron Texaco Co.

1901 – 1909

Texaco Logo 1901

In the early 1900s, an oil company called Texas Company was created in America. Its emblem featured a bright red five-pointed star, indicating the state’s national symbolism.

1907 – 1909

Texaco Logo 1907

Over time, the star became dark red and was inside a blue ring with irregular edges. On it appeared blue inscriptions: “MADE IN TEXAS” and “THE TEXAS COMPANY.” The first inscription was located in the middle and was divided into three lines down the center. It used a bold block font with large rectangular serifs. The company name occupied the bottom of the logo and was written in small but capital letters.

1909 – 1913

Texaco Logo 1909

In 1909, a crimson star logo with a green “T” inside began to be used. The letter took up all the space in the center.

1913 – 1936

Texaco Logo 1913

The redesign affected all elements of the logo. The colors became lighter, the letter “T” became smaller, and the star appeared in a white circle with a frame of a red ring circled on both sides in black. Inside the frame, the words “THE TEXAS COMPANY” and “PETROLEUM PRODUCTS” were written in white, and the word “TEXACO” was written in black on the upper ray of the star.

1936 – 1966

Texaco Logo 1936

The designers enlarged the star and made it brighter. The green letter “T” was similarly changed to have a white outline. The red circular border became black, and the lettering on it disappeared.

1966 – 1981

Texaco Logo 1966

This logo was introduced in 1962 but only came into use four years later. It was designed by Peter Muller-Munk Associates, Inc. They made the letter “T” white to blend in with the circular base, reduced the star in the ring, and placed it down inside a red-and-white polygon. The word “TEXACO” was enlarged and moved to the center.

1981 – 1999

Texaco Logo 1981

Richard Felton and Anspach Grossman Portugal redesigned the emblem by dividing it into two parts. In the upper part, there was a white star with the red letter “T” on the background of the same red circle, and the brand name was reduced and moved to the bottom part. Bold black sans serif font was still used, but the designers reduced the distance between the letters.

1999 – today

Texaco Logo

In 1999, the Texaco logo was simplified. With the lettering gone, a single letter “T” remained inside the star, taking up space on the circular base. In 2001, Chevron Corporation took over the oil and gas company.

In the case of Texaco, the star symbolizes the state of Texas, which has become known as the “Lone Star State.” The star on its official flag is believed to symbolize unity at the state and religious levels.

Font and Colors

Texaco Emblem

For a long time, a bold sans-serif font was used for the lettering on the logo. After the company abandoned the word mark, only the letter “T” inside the star remained. Apparently, it is also written in bold grotesque. At the same time, the emblem combines two traditional Texaco colors: red and white. Both are present on the Texas state flag, where the former symbolizes bravery and the latter symbolizes purity.

Texaco Symbol

Texaco color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#d52b1e
RGB:213 43 30
CMYK:0 80 86 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C