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Rowenta: Brand overview

Founder:Robert Weintraud
Erbach im Odenwald, Germany
Rowenta is a well-known company founded in Germany in 1884 by Robert Weintraud under the name Robert Weintraud GmbH & Co KG. The company introduced the Rowenta brand and trademark in 1909, essentially an acronym of its full name.

Initially, Rowenta established itself as a manufacturer of small household appliances, particularly irons. However, the company’s course shifted in 1988 when it was bought by the French appliance conglomerate Groupe SEB. After the acquisition, Rowenta began operating as the German subsidiary Rowenta Werke GmbH, based in Erbach, Germany.

Today, Rowenta is part of Groupe SEB’s global brand network, which includes other renowned brands such as Moulinex, Krups, and Tefal. The company produces various products, including garment care appliances, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen tools.

Over the years, Rowenta has made a mark with its branding slogans, such as “Must be a Rowenta” and “Enjoy Technology,” which reflect the company’s dedication to quality and technological innovation.

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Dim GrayHex color:#706d6d
RGB:112 109 109
CMYK:0 3 3 56
Pantone:PMS 424 C