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Schulthess: Brand overview

Founder:Fritz Schulthess
Cham, Switzerland

The Swiss brand Schulthess, renowned for its specialized production of washing machines and dryers, was established in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1895 by Fritz Schulthess. Focusing predominantly on residential use, Schulthess offers an array of washing machines and dryers, including washer-dryer combinations.

The brand offers a selection of models which cater to different needs, ranging from compact, stackable machines to top-loading and front-loading models.

Innovation is at the heart of Schulthess appliances, integrating advanced technologies such as steam functions, allergy-friendly sanitization methods, and heat pump drying. The company operates from its headquarters in Switzerland and maintains factories in Switzerland and Slovakia.

Despite its global reach, the brand’s products are primarily sold in Switzerland, which boasts a significant market share, although it also exports to other parts of Europe. Remaining true to its origins, Schulthess is still owned by the founding family, operating as an independent Swiss company.

Within the Swiss appliance market, Schulthess stands toe-to-toe with leading competitor brands such as Miele, V-Zug, Whirlpool, and Siemens. Upholding its commitment to Swiss precision and quality, the brand lives by the slogan ‘Swiss perfection for your home.’

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MarengoHex color:#4b5459
RGB:75 84 89
CMYK:16 6 0 65
Pantone:PMS 7540 C
GreenHex color:#209570
RGB:32 149 112
CMYK:79 0 25 42
Pantone:PMS 7724 C
Star Command BlueHex color:#097bb6
RGB:9 123 182
CMYK:95 32 29
Pantone:PMS 7690 C