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State Grid Corporation of China: Brand overview

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is the world’s largest utility corporation by revenue. Inaugurated on December 29, 2002, SGCC has significantly transformed the energy industry in China and beyond by locating its core operations in Beijing. Backed by more than two decades of experience, SGCC has cemented its reputation as the premier provider of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective energy to many people around the world.

During its formative years, SGCC set a lofty goal of integrating the country’s power grid by merging five regional power grids into a single national grid. In addition, the corporation was also engaged in the development of advanced technologies, such as smart grids, investing in the bright future of the country.

The 2010s marked SGCC’s international expansion as the company expanded its operations in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia while investing in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, helping to strengthen the sustainability of future generations.

SGCC is now the operator of the world’s most extensive power grid, covering 80% of China. This colossal company has operations in more than 50 countries, and its 1.5 million employees specialize in power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, and smart grids.

Looking back on its history, in 2002, SGCC took the first steps in an exciting journey of research and development, laying the foundation for an evolving and fruitful future.

In 2008, the company achieved significant success by successfully integrating the country’s power grid and providing a stable electricity supply to the citizens.

In 2010, SGCC embarked on the bold path of extending its influence to other countries, marking the beginning of global expansion.

In 2015, SGCC made history by becoming the world’s largest company by revenue, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

In 2020, SGCC made a strong commitment to the environment, pledging to invest more than 100 GW in renewable energy projects to minimize dependence on fossil fuels.

Meaning and History

State Grid Corporation of China Logo History

2002 – today

State Grid Corporation of China Logo

This electricity company aims to cover the entire planet, and this goal is reflected in its logo. It has succeeded in both: it is one of the top three in the world and has a professional logo. The logo combines graphics and text. The right side shows a circle representing the Earth. It has four clear stripes (two horizontal and two vertical), a thin ring, and a frame with the company’s name in Chinese and English. The right side has the same name in two rows. The top row uses thick letters, and the bottom row uses thin letters. All the letters are serifed. The color of the logo is turquoise.

The clear lines make the Earth look like a globe with lines of longitude and latitude. Thick and thin letters are well combined with each other, creating a sense of diversity, but at the same time look like a whole. Turquoise is an eye-catching color. It’s not just a blue color; it’s like a splash of ocean and sky.

State Grid Corporation of China color codes

Skobeloff GreenHex color:#006c68
RGB:0 108 104
CMYK:100 0 4 58
Pantone:PMS 329 C