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The SteelSeries logo is abstract, resembling a schematic toy-like image. It is intended for people with vivid imaginations who are passionate about computer games. It represents the company as a professional on the same wavelength as the consumer.

SteelSeries: Brand overview

Founder:Jacob Wolff-Petersen
Frederiksberg, Denmark

SteelSeries has been a Danish company since 2001 and an American company since 2007, with revenue of over $100 million, producing peripherals for computer games. It sells products in 120 countries, but the primary consumer is in the United States. Over 20 million users are registered on the site.

Meaning and History

SteelSeries Logo History

The company emblem is closely related to the products it produces. The late appearance of the first logo is because initially, the firm focused on a narrow circle of consumers and was little known in the market. The emphasis was not on the manufacturer but on the products. Only active internet users can decipher the emblem’s meaning. The concept of the visual sign conveys a focus on a specific target audience and a good understanding of its consumers and their interests.

What is SteelSeries?

An American manufacturer of headphones, headsets, joysticks, keyboards, and gaming mice. The most popular lines are Arctis, Rival, and Apex. The company collaborates with esports organizations. The headquarters are located in Chicago. The company has 300 employees.

2001 – today

The first logo was most likely developed after 2007, as in 2001, the company was founded as Icemat – named after the transparent glass mouse pad highly valued by professional gamers. The American division, registered in 2007, was named SteelSeries.

The company emblem in the United States is schematic and consists of black and white concentric circles placed inside each other. Two stripes come out of the circles, and there is a black dot on the top left.

There have been many versions of the image. Many fans saw in it a schematic of a headphone from the side and a joystick from above. The structure also resembled a gamer sitting behind a game. At the same time, the two stripes are the hands, and the dot is the joystick or microphone.

The concentric circles resemble the eye of a person who has spent a long time playing a game. The eye symbolizes the company’s passion and attentive attitude toward its clients.

The figure represents a darts target, symbolizing the company’s ability to always hit its goal with its inventions.

However, over time, SteelSeries provided an interpretation of their logo, which, according to their explanation, represents a side view of headphones with a headset. Where the circle is a large earphone. The top stripe is the headband going to the second earphone. The second stripe is the microphone, and the dot represents the eye of the user who is wearing the gadget.

In the emblem, the side drawing of a human head is omitted, and the focus is on the company’s products. Thus, the logo reflects the main product produced by the company. An explanation, along with detailed drawings, is provided by SteelSeries support service and posted on the website by employee Kristen Sotakoun.

The inscription is visually divided into two parts. The bolder “Steel” part tells about the special durability of the products, capable of withstanding active use. Additionally, the word denotes products created for strong and experienced esports athletes, seasoned players, and winners.

The word also tells about the very famous partners and experienced employees. In 2003, the company’s products were sold through Microsoft. The first American director was the head of a Motorola division and later a Logitech employee. Real gamers participated in the development of the products. All of this made the company’s products valuable and famous.

Font and Colors

The leading color of the logo is black. It corresponds to the color of most computer peripherals and the color of the fonts on the monitor. It indicates important gaming devices such as a quality headset or mouse. The alternation of black and white tells about the company’s new offerings, which invariably become very popular and take a leading position in the market.

The font is New Rail Alphabet Bold, but with a modified dot over the ‘i’ to match the eye image in the emblem. The letters of the inscription are smooth and flowing, just like the products’ performance. The absence of capital letters indicates the service function of the devices. Peripherals are auxiliary elements for gaming. Victory depends on the player.

SteelSeries color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C