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Stinol: Brand overview

Founder:Whirlpool Corporation
Michigan, United States

Stinol emerged in 1989 as a Russian company, making a name for itself in the domestic appliances sector, specifically in the production of refrigerators and fridge cameras. Stinol’s appliances were crafted and distributed as a home-grown brand under its own moniker across the Russian market.

A significant turning point came for the company in 2000 when it was acquired by Merloni, an Italian firm specializing in appliances, and this pivotal moment marked the end of Stinol’s journey as an independent brand. Following this acquisition, the production of Stinol-branded appliances ceased entirely.

The production reins were handed over to Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston, brands under Merloni’s umbrella. As a result, Stinol, as a standalone brand, no longer contributed to the production of appliances. The brand name Stinol has since remained inactive following its acquisition by Merloni at the turn of the millennium.

In summary, Stinol enjoyed a relatively brief period of operation as a Russian domestic appliance brand between 1989 and 2000 before it was subsumed by an Italian corporation, marking the end of its standalone journey in the industry.

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