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Teka: Brand overview

Founder:Teodor Kalle
Teka, originally a German brand renowned for crafting kitchen appliances and sinks, came into being in 1924 when Teodor Kalle founded it. The company’s initial venture was manufacturing steel sinks, which later diversified into creating kitchen appliances such as ovens, hobs, hoods, and dishwashers. The range of kitchen sinks manufactured by Teka today encompasses a variety of materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, and granite composite.

1999 marked a significant turning point for Teka when it was acquired by the Turkish conglomerate, Koc Holding, prompting a shift of its headquarters to Istanbul. Despite this, Teka, now owned by another Turkish enterprise, Ceyhan Holdings, continues to lean on its German origins in its brand positioning.

Predominantly, Teka’s offerings cater to the high-end segment, focusing on premium built-in kitchen appliances and innovative sink designs, including ones featuring integrated drainers. Although the company’s operations span the EMEA region and certain parts of Asia, its presence in the Americas is relatively less significant.

In the competitive European sink market, Teka stands toe-to-toe with other well-known brands like Blanco, Franke, and Peka. Teka’s strategy capitalizes on its German lineage, reflecting its commitment to quality and precision in manufacturing.

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