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The Texas Instruments logo is precise and patriotic. It gives customers the idea of compact, small-sized products containing an impressive amount of information. The emblem is easily remembered and associated with Texas.

Texas Instruments: Brand overview

Founder:Cecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott, Patrick E. Haggerty
Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Texas Instruments is an American company that produces electronics and microchips for phones, semiconductors, and processors. It holds more than 45,000 patents, and its net income is $4.4 billion. The headquarters are in Dallas.

Meaning and History

Texas Instruments Logo History

Despite being founded in 1930, the first logo appeared only in 1951. In 1930, GSI (Geophysical Service Incorporated) was founded, and 11 years later, in 1941, it was acquired by the future founders of Texas Instruments. During the war, GSI was involved in the production of communication equipment. Ten years later, after its reorganization in 1951, Texas Instruments was established. The company’s symbol is patriotic, which is typical for America and related to the state of production.

What is Texas Instruments?

An American corporation produces a variety of electronics. It ranks among the top 10 largest semiconductor manufacturers. The main specialization is chips and processors. There are 100,000 employees engaged in production. The total turnover amounts to $184 billion per year.

1951 – 1959

Texas Instruments Logo 1951

The company’s logo consists of an emblem and an inscription. The layout makes the emblem quite long, so the visual part is often used as a standalone mark.

The image is very symbolic. The background features the silhouette of the state of Texas, showing the manufacturer’s location. In the center, a transparent silhouette of the letter “t” is cut out, and inside it, the contour of the letter “i” is placed as a monogram of the company’s name. Using lowercase symbols allows for separating the brand name and the state’s name.

The outlines in the image without color fill-ins tell about data storage devices in the form of chips and processors, which are empty and ready to be filled with data.

The word “Instruments” in the name hinted at the company’s initial focus when it produced equipment for the oil industry. Although the emphasis later shifted to electronics, the name was retained.

1959 – 1983

Texas Instruments Logo 1959

1983 – today

Texas Instruments Logo

In 1983, Texas Instruments made a significant step in its development. Until then, producing only individual parts and components for PCs, in the early 80s, TI introduced the first classic and portable computers. Although its development did not gain popularity and widespread use, the step was marked by a change in the emblem.

The logo became much brighter and clearer, demonstrating the growth and expansion of the corporation—the increase in its weight in the electronics market. The contour of the state and the letter ‘i’ are painted red, while the ‘t’ remains white. The combination of colors corresponds to the state flag.

Different colors for the letters allowed for a more precise distinction between the two symbols nested within each other.

The corporation’s name became larger and was arranged on two levels. The letters took on a saturated black color. Changes in the layout made the logo more convenient for placement on various surfaces.

Font and Colors

The combination of red, white, and black in the logo makes the inscription very contrasting and attractive. Each color demonstrates one aspect of the corporation. Red shows that the company’s products aid in fast calculations and the operation of computing technology. Black gives an understanding of the global scale and scope of production. White is a symbol of research and products ready to receive and process data.

The font is similar to Hess Old Style RR Bold. The sharp, antique serifs take the viewer back 100 years to the time of the corporation’s foundation.

Texas Instruments color codes

Mahogany RedHex color:#be372f
RGB:190 55 47
CMYK:0 71 75 25
Pantone:PMS 180 C
Smoky BlackHex color:#0e0e0c
RGB:14 14 12
CMYK:0 0 14 95
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C