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Thomas & Betts: Brand overview

Founder:Robert M. Thomas and Hobart D. Betts
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Thomas & Betts, an American entity born in Pittsburgh, USA, in 1898, carved out its niche in manufacturing electrical components and tools—the brainchild of two enterprising individuals, Darcy B. Thomas and Hardin A. Betts started producing electrical apparatus such as switches, connectors, conduit fittings, and wiring devices.

Adding to its product line, it also introduced tools electricians use, including cable cutters, testers, and safety equipment. The company grew in stature through strategic acquisitions of brands like Steel City, American Electric, and Lowney, further solidifying its market position. Known for the reliability of its industrial-grade electrical components, Thomas & Betts earned accolades for meeting stringent safety standards.

In a major development, the Swiss conglomerate ABB bought Thomas & Betts in 2012 for a hefty $3.9 billion. This strategic acquisition was a part of ABB’s plan to enhance its portfolio of low-voltage products. Even though it became, a part of ABB, Thomas & Betts still operates as a subsidiary under the ABB Electrical Products division.

Serving the construction, industrial, and utilities sectors primarily in North America, the company faced fierce competition from players like Cooper Industries and Hubbell Inc. before its acquisition by ABB.

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