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Vestfrost: Brand overview

Founder:Arne Højvig
Esbjerg, Denmark

Vestfrost, hailing from Denmark, is a well-established manufacturer of major appliances. It was brought to life in 1963 in Esbjerg, Denmark, and over time it has seen over 12 million of its refrigerators and freezers make their way into homes across the globe.

Vestfrost’s lineup of appliances is diverse, encompassing refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, wine coolers, ovens, and cooktops. This impressive array of products has firmly entrenched Vestfrost in the appliance industry.

In 2008, the trajectory of Vestfrost took a significant turn when Vestel, a Turkish appliance company, bought it out. This acquisition marked a shift in Vestfrost’s operations, with manufacturing now primarily taking place in Turkey and Slovakia, a departure from its Danish roots.

Before this turning point, Vestfrost boasted a workforce of more than 300 in Denmark, and in 2007, the company posted revenues amounting to approximately DKK 918 million. Today, although owned by Vestel and manufactured outside of Denmark, Vestfrost has maintained its unique brand identity, reflecting its origins as a Danish brand.

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