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Walkman: Brand overview

Walkman is a trademark of Sony, linked primarily with its production of portable audio devices. The initial Walkman, a groundbreaking portable cassette player, debuted in 1979.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the term “Walkman” practically became a household name, representing the phenomenon of enjoying music on the go via personal stereo cassette players. As the technology evolved, so did the Walkman product line, diversifying to incorporate portable CD players, MiniDisc players, and digital MP3 players.

In its heyday, the Walkman’s popularity was nearly unmatched, with models such as the WM-2 and WM-DD taking the 1980s by storm. It was a revolutionary product that transformed how people consumed music, selling over 220 million units worldwide from 1979 to 2009.

However, the rise of CDs and digital audio in the 2000s marked the decline of the Walkman brand. By the early 2010s, Sony had transitioned away from using the Walkman name for its portable media players. The last blow came in 2010 when Sony ceased the production of cassette players, thereby officially retiring the Walkman brand.

Even though time has passed, the Walkman still holds a place in the annals of technology history. It signified a bygone era before the advent of smartphones when portable audio devices were a revolutionary concept that brought music into the palms of people’s hands.

Meaning and History

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2000 – today

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