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The Wii U logo is concise and sonorous. The emblem encrypts words that sound understandable to Western users. The sign represents the console as a device designed to unite people speaking different languages.

Wii U: Brand overview

Founded:2011 – 2017
Kyoto, Japan

Wii U – an eighth-generation gaming console presented by Nintendo in 2012 and produced until 2017. Developed to attract active gamers and compete with Xbox and PlayStation. 32 GB memory, IBM Power 750 processor, 4 USB ports on the console, 6.2-inch screen. Nearly 14 million consoles were sold in five years.

Meaning and History

Wii U Logo History

In the first year before the official launch, the logo was experimental and changed several times before the console was released for sale. However, after its appearance, the logo remained constant for the last five years until the console was discontinued. The pre-release logo was the result of an extensive development process. The main emblem is unique in that it uses symbols that convey a specific phonetic sound of English words.

What is Wii U?

A gaming console with a color screen, speakers, video camera, triple-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. Nintendo developed it. To save games, it used a special 25GB disc format, compatible only with Wii U consoles.


Project Cafe Logo 2011

The first logo, which lasted for several years, reads Project Café. Between the words is a cup with a red computer monitor on it.

Discussions began in 2008, three years before the announcement of the console’s development. The creators would gather over a cup of coffee and contemplate the project. This led them to associate the console with a café, and during the development stage, they named it Project Café.

The name also conveyed the communicative capabilities of the new console, which was meant to bring people together. It indicated the involvement of a large number of people in the development of the product concept.


Wii U Logo 2011

When the product was presented at an exhibition but not yet released for mass production, it acquired a permanent logo: the inscription Wii and a blue square with the letter U.

The name Wii was conceived for the first console, which was released in 2006. It has several interpretations:

  • Wireless Interactive Interface, as the console used a wireless interface.
  • A word similar in sound to “we,” with the two i’s representing two players interacting with each other. The company itself gave this explanation.
  • A combination of the first letters of the words We and Innovate.

The letter U in the blue square represents the device itself, the computer monitor, or the console. The symbol was an abbreviation of universal, as the console allowed for standalone play or connecting with a computer. Additionally, the letter sounded like the English word “you,” and when combined with “we,” it conveyed the possibility of multiple players playing together.

2012 – 2017

Wii U Logo

After the model entered mass production, the appearance of the logo remained unchanged. Only the blue hue of the square was slightly intensified to make the logo brighter and more attractive.

Font and Colors

The main colors are gray and blue.

  • Light gray is used for the inscription. It symbolizes the standard name for Nintendo consoles.
  • Blue represents technology, IT, logic, and engineering. It embodies the technical excellence of the console.

The releasing company specifically designed the Wii Font inscription. Its smooth lines symbolized the ease of controlling the console and the ease of gameplay.

Wii U color codes

AluminiumHex color:#8b8b8b
RGB:139 139 139
CMYK:0 0 0 45
Pantone:PMS 423 C
Pacific BlueHex color:#009ac7
RGB:0 154 199
CMYK:100 23 0 22
Pantone:PMS 7703 C