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Yokogawa: Brand overview

Founded:September 1, 1915
Founder:Tamisuke Yokogawa, Ichiro Yokogawa, Shin Aoki
Tokyo, Japan
Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a renowned Japanese entity, has established itself in electrical engineering and software. The company, headquartered in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan, since its inception in 1915, is engaged in various sectors, including industrial automation, control systems, aviation instrumentation, and test and measurement equipment.

Yokogawa’s portfolio is diverse and comprehensive, offering automation and control solutions catering to various industries, from oil and gas, power generation, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, to water treatment. The extensive product lineup features distributed control systems, field instruments, flowmeters, analyzers, safety systems, and production management software.

Beyond automation and control solutions, Yokogawa also has a significant presence in manufacturing test and measurement equipment, contributing items such as oscilloscopes, data loggers, and avionics displays to the market.

Yokogawa’s global operations are extensive, boasting over 90 sites worldwide and employing over 20,000 individuals. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company enjoys annual sales that exceed $3.5 billion. This success has earned Yokogawa a place among the top 20 automation companies globally in total revenue.

The company’s strategic alliances further enhance its standing in the industry. It maintains partnerships with significant entities like Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Shell, and ExxonMobil. Yokogawa continues to assert its influence in the industry through its pursuit of technological excellence across industrial automation, IT, and electronic devices.

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Raisin BlackHex color:#221f1f
RGB:34 31 31
CMYK:0 9 9 87
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
Canary YellowHex color:#ffed03
RGB:255 237 3
CMYK:0 7 99 0
Pantone:PMS 3945 C