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YouPorn: Brand overview

Founded:August 26, 2006
Founder:MG Freesites Ltd.
Limassol, Cyprus
In the late summer of 2006, a new entrant, YouPorn, entered the adult entertainment digital space. Established by MG Freesites Ltd., with its foundations in Cyprus, YouPorn quickly emerged as a pioneering free adult tube platform.

What set YouPorn apart was its innovative approach, providing a space where individuals could freely upload, disseminate, and watch adult content. This new model, while lucrative, sent ripples through the established paid porn market. By 2007, it had ascended to unparalleled popularity within a mere year, boasting a staggering 100 million views monthly. Its rise could be attributed to its minimalist design and the abundant cache of content uploaded by its community.

As the years rolled on, YouPorn endeavored to evolve constantly. This involved widening its video collection, fortified by alliances with notable studios, including Brazzers and A significant upgrade was the introduction of high-definition and extensive videos, enhancing user experience.

In a significant business move in 2010, the platform changed hands, being annexed by Manwin, which later rebranded to MindGeek, the conglomerate behind prominent platforms like Pornhub and RedTube.

Currently, YouPorn stands tall among its contemporaries, drawing an impressive crowd of over 115 million visitors daily, a testament to its enduring allure. While it consistently offers vast arrays of free content, its journey has not been without hurdles. Like its peers, concerns about content consent, copyright breaches, and platform moderation have been recurring themes. Regardless, YouPorn’s indelible mark on reshaping the accessibility of adult content is undisputed.

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Pantone:PMS 212 C