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The Zenith Electronics logo is sharp and menacing. The symbols encode sound and waves. Upon looking at the emblem, the impression of a loud ringing is created, indicating the company’s controlling function.

Zenith Electronics: Brand overview

Founder:Ralph Matthews, Karl Hassel, Eugene F. McDonald
Lincolnshire, Illinois, U.S.

Zenith Electronics – originally an American and now a South Korean brand, working in the field of television and radio broadcasting. After changing ownership in the 1990s, it shifted its focus from the production of televisions and radios to digital standards. Before being acquired by LG Electronics, the company owned 20% of the US television market.

Meaning and History

Zenith Electronics Logo History

Despite the significant change in the company’s direction and even its dislocation, the logo has changed quite consistently. Several rebrandings did not lead to a shift in emphasis on identity. All symbols retained the overall concept and appearance. The focus in the emblem is on the first letter of the name. In each interpretation, its size and unusual writing are played up to emphasize the focus on broadcasting processes.

What is Zenith Electronics?

An American electronics manufacturer founded in 2018 in Chicago. The company owns the invention of the color television in 1948 and the development of the ATSC standard. Since 1999, the owner has been the South Korean giant LG.

1918 – 1990

Zenith Logo 1918

The first logo of the brand is simple and unpretentious. It was used at the beginning of production and continued to be stamped on equipment until the crisis of the 1990s when the company could no longer cope with the competition. The sign consists of the name in simple, even letters.

The company began its journey in America as a manufacturer of radios, televisions, and other electrical appliances. It was registered as Chicago Radio Labs. The brand name Zenith was chosen by founders Ralph Matthews and Karl Hassel based on their radio call sign – 9ZN, which was abbreviated as ZN’th.

1918 – 1923

Zenith Logo 1918-1923

In addition to the emblem used on equipment, the team came up with a special image that conveyed the essence of the brand – the word Zenith, written with the letter Z in the form of lightning. Lightning also emanated from the first symbol, representing radio signals. The end of the word receded into the distance, enhancing the impression of broadcasting propagation.

In 1923, Chicago Radio Labs changed its name to Zenith Radio, and the logo now represented the brand and the manufacturer.

1923 – 1954

Zenith Logo 1923

1954 – 1997

Zenith Logo 1954

1997 – today

Zenith Logo

In 1995, the controlling stake was transferred to LG Electronics, after which the company’s direction was changed to the development of digital broadcasting standards and the confirmation of digital rights. Therefore, the logo underwent a transformation.

The name is executed in very light, transparent tones and is almost invisible. The technique indicates the loss of legal independence. It reveals the plans of the new owners to discontinue the production of products under the Zenith brand, which happened later. Today, the company’s electronics are sold only in the domestic Korean market.

The focus of the emblem is on the large red letter Z with a thin black outline. The bright shade reflects the renewal of the line of business. The zigzag waves on the glyphs convey the process of setting up television broadcasting and the interference that the company removes from the air.

Sharp teeth characterize the clear and strict rules and standards that Zenith forms.

The red color is part of the parent company’s logo, creating a kinship between the logos and hinting at the new owners.

Font and Colors

Red color – leading in the emblem. It conveys activity, leadership qualities, and the dominant position of the brand in the field of digital standards. The company dictates rules of conduct for all network participants, and the industry’s work depends on its decision.

The font is similar to Eina 04 Regular but with a modified dot above the i. Its square shape indicates digital broadcasting.

Zenith Electronics color codes

Pigment RedkHex color:#ee2d2b
RGB:238 45 43
CMYK:0 81 82 7
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
GrayHex color:#7a7c7f
RGB:122 124 127
CMYK:4 2 0 50
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C