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ZyXEL: Brand overview

Founder:Dr. Shun-I Chu
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, ZyXEL is a reputable company recognized for crafting networking devices and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions. The company came into existence in 1989, and since then, it has contributed significantly to the networking sector.

ZyXEL’s extensive product portfolio comprises wired and wireless routers, gateways, switches, firewalls, WLAN devices, and VoIP solutions. The company also delves into the manufacture of IP cameras, networking software, and home connectivity appliances. Its most successful product lines include the NBG series WiFi routers and the Unified Security Gateway firewalls.

With a broad customer base from individual home users to small businesses and large service provider networks, ZyXEL prides itself on shipping over 500 million connectivity devices worldwide. The company’s strength lies in its impressive experience spanning more than 25 years in the networking product domain and its dedicated workforce of 1,800 employees.

ZyXEL manages its own research and development centers and manufacturing facilities within Taiwan. The company has expanded its operations globally, extending its footprint across Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. Listed on the Taiwan stock exchange, ZyXEL also forms part of the IPC manufacturer GoldCircuit Electronics.

Despite being competitive with rivals like TP-Link, Netgear, and D-Link, ZyXEL has maintained a solid standing in the networking gear industry, demonstrating its resilience and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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ZyXEL Logo

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Lapis LazuliHex color:#2363a7
RGB:35 99 167
CMYK:79 41 0 35
Pantone:PMS 7684 C