AOC Logo


The AOC logo is monumental and strong. The emblem conveys the company’s scale and its leadership position. Customers can be confident in the reliability of the equipment and the quality of service.

AOC: Brand overview

Founder:Ross Siragusa
Taipei, Taiwan

AOC is a major consumer electronics corporation headquartered in Taipei. The main products of the brand are TVs, tablets, and computer monitors, which are assembled in Taiwan and exported to 55 countries worldwide. There are 30 thousand employees working at the production facilities. The giant owns a subsidiary, TPV, which manufactures monitors.

Meaning and History

AOC Logo History

Despite the years of operation, the corporation’s logo has not undergone transformations. This approach indicates stability and a successful development path, not requiring additional attention through branding. Each year, the company opens new offices in different countries, and a frequently changing identity would hinder the brand’s memorability and the formation of a sense of reliability and consistency among consumers.

What is AOC?

A major Asian company, ranking 4th in the world in the production of LCD TVs and owning 33% of the computer monitor market. It has branches worldwide and several subsidiaries, including TPV Technology Limited.

1967 – today

The brand’s logo consists of three large letters, the first of which is used without a crossbar. They are written in black bold uppercase font.

Originally, the AOC inscription stood for Admiral Overseas Corporation. It referred to a company founded in 1947 as a subsidiary of the American corporation Admiral for work in the Asian region. However, since 1978, when the company grew significantly, the abbreviation became a proper name without a full form.

The size of the letters speaks to global expansion. There are offices in Europe, Asia, the US, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. The emblem displays the gigantic scale and development of production. Each symbol is like a rock, solid and sturdy. The inscription creates a sense of quality products that will serve customers for many years. The thickness of the inscription indicates stability, a solid position, and market capture.

The unusual letter A resembles a mountain, demonstrating the size of the corporation. The symbol also resembles graphs, hinting at image adjustment and gadget management to achieve perfect visibility on the brand’s screens and monitors. The deliberate simplification of the writing conveys the simplicity of working with TVs and monitors. It also simplifies applying the logo on various surfaces.

This approach has made the company’s compact emblem more recognizable, which has a positive impact on sales and promotion.

Font and Colors

The logo’s color is black, which is associated with the idea of power. The company has grown from a small branch to an international corporation. Black speaks of absorbing competitors and dominating the market. AOC is considered the world’s largest electronics manufacturer and ranks first in gaming monitors. Black is the color of calmness, stability, and confidence in the future. The shade directly refers to the typical color of the equipment casings and turned-off screens.

The logo’s font is unique due to the absence of a crossbar in the letter A. The thick lines convey confidence, solidity, and reliability. Smooth and even glyphs embody the perfect image.

AOC color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C