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Blackburn Rovers Logo

Blackburn Rovers Logo
Blackburn Rovers Logo PNG

The club history began in 1875 on alumni reunion somewhere in a local hotel, where several Blackburn schools decided to create a football team. It should be mentioned that then the team did not consist entirely of the parishioners of any church and was not a consequence of the end of the cricket tournament season like most teams. Of course, they didn’t owe a stadium, and, accordingly, they didn’t have any income. In the beginning, the team was financed by players. For the first year, Blackburn managed to make up a purse of 2 pounds 40 pence. It is hard to discourse about the amount of money (was it many or not), but it was enough to purchase football bars for 44 pence and a ball for 75.

The Rovers stands at the origins of English football. This team and other 11 clubs created the Football League of England. The group regularly took part in sports competitions and had been one of the leaders up to 1936.

Blackburn Rovers emblem

Their first football field was created by the players, who just marked the lines. In the middle of the area, there was a hole filled with water for cows. So, for the time of matches, the barrier was covered with boards and topped up with ground and grass. Therefore, it is obvious why The Rovers changed their football field so often. However, in 1890, executives acquired the Ewood Park Stadium, where the team played to these days, which is the record for the Premier League.

Blackburn Rovers Lancashire Rose logo

At first sight, Blackburn may appear as a conservative club, which doesn’t attempt to change anything. Home football uniforms have not been changed for more than 100 years of history, and the stadium remained the same. So, why, Rovers? This name doesn’t correspond to the club’s activity. The point is that this word was added to many football teams of that time, symbolizing a way to victory. At the beginning of the club’s existence, Blackburn players successfully approved their strength, and fans got used to the pure and sincere byname.

Blackburn Rovers fc old logo

The second unofficial name of the club is “The Riversiders.” The meaning is explained by the location of the club’s stadium that placed near the Darwen River. “Blue and Whites” are the team’s third nickname that informs us about the traditional club’s colors. The last one is sporadic, so it is hard to call it a real byname.

Meaning and History

Blackburn Rovers Logo History
Blackburn Rovers Logo Evolution

The logo of Blackburn Rovers had an image of the Red Rose of Lancaster and an inscription “Arte et Labore” in Latin in the lower part of the shield that translates as “By art and by “labor. These elements have been saved through the history of the club’s existence. The Latin motto was borrowed from the city coat of arms, and the rose was a symbol of the county of Lancashire where Blackburn is located.

In 1974-1989, the emblem was represented by one big rose and an abbreviation B.R.F.C (the capital letters of the full name of the club – Blackburn Rovers FC) below it.

For the first time, the new team’s logo appeared on the players’ uniform in a season of 1989/90.

Blackburn Rovers symbol

The meaning of the elements of the modern Blackburn Rovers logo:

  • The scarlet rose is the symbol of the county of Lancashire, where Blackburn is located. The beautiful flower on the emblem of the club duplicates the emblem of the Lancaster house. It has its association due to The Thirty Years’ War for the Throne (1455-1485), known in history as the Wars of the Roses.
  • Blackburn Rovers FC is the full name of the club. “Rovers” is the historical nickname of the club, and, according to belief, its appearance was caused by the fact that the first time the team did not have its football field and gates.
  • 1875 is the date of the club’s foundation.
  • “Arte et Labore” is the club’s motto, literally translated from Latin as “By art and by “labor. There is another variant of translation: “skill and diligence.” Before the creating of the football club, this motto was used by the City Council of Blackburn.

Blackburn Rovers Maltese Cross

Blackburn Rovers Club is an adherent of historical traditions. For a century and a half, the club has changed only six logos. Moreover, three of them are similar in style and differ only in color design.

1875 – 1878

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1875-1878

The first emblem depicts the Maltese cross – a sign of the Order of St. John. A blue eight-pointed figure is located on a white background. Associated with this symbol are the public schools where Arthur Constantine and John Lewis, founders of the football team, studied.

1960 – 1974

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1960-1974

In the F.A. Cup final in 1960, the Blackburn coat of arms became the club’s logo. Three bees are drawn on a stylized shield. They represent the industrial history of the region. The white field indicates the chintz industry, which contributed to the development of the local economy. Above, on a spool of a loom, sits a dove – another symbol of the city.

1974 – 1989

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1974-1989

In 1974, Lancaster’s scarlet rose, the heraldic sign from the flag of Lancashire County, first appeared on the emblem. She gained fame thanks to the Thirty Years War for the Throne. Under the flower is the abbreviation B.R.F.C. This is an abbreviation for the full name of the club – Blackburn Rovers Football Club.


Blackburn Rovers Logo 1990s

In the season 1989-1990, the team began to use a new logo. The rose is depicted from a side angle, along with a stalk and leaves. It is surrounded by a blue ring that says “Blackburn Rovers F.C.,” “18,” and “75”. 1875 – the year the club was founded. Below is the motto “Arte et Labore” (“Skill and hard work”). The same Latin phrase adorned the emblem of 1875 and the city coat of arms.

1990s – 2000s

Blackburn Rovers Logo 1990s-2000s

At the turn of the millennium, a logo was redesigned. The style of drawing has changed: the design of the rose has become sketchy. Instead of a single orange outline, a double appeared – black and yellow. The inscriptions are made in the same gamut. The color of the ring is close to blue.


Blackburn Rovers Logo 2000s

Designers returned the refined flour on the first version of the logo and made the black part of the outline narrower. The remaining elements are left unchanged.